Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sense of humor test

So I took this test and this is what it gave me....I don't think it's correct but who really cares.

the Idiot Savant

(38% dark, 42% spontaneous, 47% vulgar)

your humor style:

You like things silly, immediate, and, above all, outrageous. Ixne on the subtle word play, more testicles on fire, please. People like you are the most likely to RECEIVE internet forwards--and also the most likely to save them in a special folder entitled 'HOLY SHIT'.

Because it's so easily appreciated, and often wacky and physical, your sense of humor never ceases to amuse your friends. Most realize that there's a sly intelligence and a knowing wink to your tastes. Your sense of humor could be called 'anti-pretentious'--but paradoxically enough, that indicates you're smarter than most.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Johnny Knoxville - Jimmy Kimmel

The 3-Variable Funny Test!
- it rules -

If you're interested, try my latest: The Terrorism Test

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 14% on darkness

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You scored higher than 42% on spontaneity

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You scored higher than 70% on vulgarity
Link: The 3 Variable Funny Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Audio Video Upgrades

My audio setup at home consists of a Kenwood Receiver, 5 disc Kenwood CD changer, two Kenwood Floor speakers and a Norcent DVD Player. I paid right around 500 bucks for everything but the DVD Player about five years ago. They've lasted me since then.

My video setup consists of a regular CRT Akai TV 25".

So it's time to upgrade. The CRT needs to give way to either a Plasma or an LCD Flat Panel. The receiver can stay but I doubt if it's going to help in DTS decoding or 6.1 sound. The speakers are obviously inadequate. They're two large speakers that sit in the back left and back right areas of the viewer but that's not surround sound.

So here's the shopping list:

1) 37" to 42" TV - possibly LCD or Plasma. Here's a beautiful comparison between the two

2) Home theater speakers: JBL / Klipsch / Bose / Infinity

3) Sub woofer

4) Receiver: Maybe a Denon but largely undecided

5) Hardware: TV wall-mount, speaker wires

Needless to say the bank account is going to look severely depleted but then again, it's only money. That's what I work for -- to live life and life it out for me and Noddy.

Okay, so given all that, if you have any advice on any items above based on your purchases please do provide feedback that will help us decide one way or the other. I think we're really really on the fence about LCD v/s Plasma especially after reading the comparison shown above. Tell us what you own and what you recommend. We're all ears!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Paper v/s Plastic

The most popular context in terms of which this question arises is currency. Do you prefer to use paper (notes / cash) or plastic (credit which hopefully belongs to you). In that reference, I definitely like plastic way way better. I use my debit card so that money instantly vanishes from my account and I don't have it at all if I've used it. That way there's no comforting feeling that credit cards give you. I hate cash simply because I don't like managing it. That's all.

But really, that's not why I started this post. Here's a little story.

I went to Meijer, our local grocery store, shopping as usual. In the checkout lane, the cashier usually just bags my groceries in plastic bags. I then pick those up, drop them in my cart and I'm off to my car. However, this time around, I saw some paper bags in the bagging area right beside the plastic bags. I told her to bag my groceries in paper bags instead of plastic ones. I reached the car, really proud of how I've contributed to saving the environment by using less plastic i.e. a non-biodegradable material. I was polluting less of the environement.

But then it struck me. Wait a minute - I just used a lot of paper i.e. stuff that is made from trees in paper mills. So if everyone who uses plastic bags, switched to paper in order to not pollute the environment, they would not really have much of an environment left to protect.

So what is good? Use plastic and more plastic or use paper instead? They're both recycled products so it's not like there's a brand new plastic bag produced for every bag that is consumed. That is true for paper too. It's recycled material in both cases but still that doesn't help clarify the choice.

So what is it - paper or plastic?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

In high gear and gaining ground....

Sometimes you just have to put life in overdrive to just plain catch up. That's where these past two weeks have been. I'm not caught up yet, by any measure but it's been a whirlwind time at home and at work.
Work has been very very hectic, yet fun for two straight weeks in a row. Lots of activity there, some good some bad but overall nice.

Home has been great too but Noddy hates the foot fracture and it takes patience to convince her that breaking my right foot to make us equally impaired isn't going to make her feel any better. I had to go online to Google to prove to her that the marital vow that says "together in sickness ..." didn't mean that I'd be equally disabled as her. So I wear army boots at home in case she accidentally drops an iron on my foot.

Naah..she's adorable. She'd never do that. We've continued our movie watching streak. We've seen Corpse Bride - very offbeat, artistic, clay animation. Don't watch it for the story. Watch it for the art. Then came 40 Year Old Virgin - yeah worth a few laughs definitely but not DVD ownable. Today was The Interpreter - I liked it, Noddy kept pointing out plot flaws (to my extreme annoyance!) so she obviously thought it was a lame drama movie. She did like Sean Penn in it. He's done good in this one as he did in Mystic River.

You know what's funny as I write all this? The past two weeks have been hectic, which means I really didn't do anything fun which means I really didn't miss telling y'all anything interesting at all! It's just been the usual routine with twice as much stuff to do. I still do love blogging. I still use it as a good let out, along with good coffee.

Crap! It's 1:10 .. gotta get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning. This day should be fun!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hurrinane Help...

But before that, a diversion as usual. Noddy is officially known as BigFoot at her workplace. They voted on several names and picked the most politically correct one for office use. We are on a movie watching spree. In the past couple of weeks, it's been a mix of old and new. Watched Airplane (liked it) last night. Watched Sin City (liked it), Longest Yard (liked it), Fever Pitch (Yuck!!), HitchHikers Guide (Yuck!!) and Guess Who (AOK). Yet to watch - Mr and Mrs. Smith, Corpse's Bride, FlightPlan, 40 Year Old Virgin, Journey of the Penguins. You know, I think the reason I didn't like HitchHikers Guide is because I didn't connect it with the culture. There's an entire generation that grew up on this stuff and the movie is a big hit with them. But if you don't have that background, you're going to be struggling to understand what the heck is the point behind the movie and why is it that funny. It's like -- if you didn't ever watch StarWars or don't know what that is, then you're not going to like SpaceBalls cos you just won't get the humor. Same thing with HitchHikers Guide...get the background before you watch. Sin City was similar but at least we got what the movie was about. It's based on a comics series as well.

Okay after that long digression...on to the main topic. My friend Sara is from Waveland, MS. She has posted pictures of her family's home completely flooded (you can see a refridgerator floating away). It's a mess. Anyhow, she's going there this weekend to help out in any way possible. They are donating their pickup to the firestation, polics...whoever needs it. They're also looking for donations such as used clothes or other stuff for which she has published a list. Personally, I think this is much better than contributing to Red Cross. There is no red tape, stuff gets to the needy folks DIRECTLY and you know you're making a difference. I'm sure she'll also be taking pictures with folks that she's helping out. Noddy and I are shipping her a box full of stuff tonight or tomorrow morning from here in Ohio. So even if you're not close to Redmond, WA (where she works for Microsoft), please see if there are ways you can contribute to her before she and her husband drive down there this coming weekend. It'll be a big help and you'll be reaching the people directly. Also, unlike Red Cross or Care USA, Sara will not spam you with one thousand other letters to you home address asking you to donate more and more money. That's the difference that an individual's efforts can make. Do check out her website to get more info.

Go SARA !!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

UFO Airstrip

But before I get to that .... Noddy's foot keeps getting better and better and at this rate, she'll be fine within two to three weeks. I don't believe in knocking on wood and/or crossing my fingers. Knocking on wood has not proven to have bone-healing effects. Crossing of fingers may actually cause unwanted deformations....

Okay, now onto the main title of this post. So there's this mayor who decided that his town really lacked an airstrip for UFO's to land. This is happening in Puerto Rico, where the government is asking employees to shorten their work weeks because of an obscenely high budget deficit.

This freak-show mayor insists that this is for tourism and is one of the few who claim to have seen "flashing red lights". Maybe he was too drunk and came across a traffic intersection, saw flashing red lights and decided that it was un-earthly.

BTW, this extra terrestrial landing strip is being built by a guy who claims to have talked to ET's family since he was a kid. he's known them this long ...and he still wants to live on earth???????? That just blows my mind. He also must not be very good friends with them because they've never taken him to see their home. They just leave him on this planet. They know what a bad idea it is to take a human to some uninhabited land. We'll kill the folks on their planet (or star), claim it as our territory and let the remaining minorities setup casinos on land they used to OWN. Here's the kicker - he's a school teacher. So he's possibly educating the young ones about how completely sane this concept is.

Would it be funny to go there in an alien costume? Or would you get worshipped and loaded with lots of money cos they'll think it's a real alien? I don't know..but it sure would be a great thing to try as long as you have a getaway spaceship ready in case they discover who you really are!

Oh by the way, the article is here

Thursday, September 22, 2005

While Noddy was bed-ridden

My post here gives you some background on Noddy's current general state of health. She's still recovering from her fracture but can walk around and has been going to work for the past couple of days.

Anyhow, a couple of funny events are worth blogging about.

Noddy would get very bored at home when she was totally bedridden. So we decided to take her grocery shopping with me. Obviously she couldn't walk so we had to find a mechanised wheel chair. Now, Meijer (our grocery store) has such mechanized "shopping carts" for their customers with disabilities. These are essentially motorized wheel chairs operating on rechargeable batteries with a shopping cart attached to the front. There's a handle in front, a lever to go forward and a lever to go backward. Sounds fairly straightforward? Not when you get on it and try it. It's like riding bumper cars. You will never get the direction right and you will never go at the speed you want. Now imagine that we put poor little broken Noddy on this "ride" and made her drive it in a crowded grocery store. The results were hilarious. When making turns between aisles in the store with this thing, she would tend to set her broken foot down on the floor as you would do if you were riding a motorbike. And I was always like, "Don't do's broken". The foot would promptly go up and we'd make an F-1 style turn....wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! right into the aisle and right into all those poor shoppers. The funniest part was when I was peering at something in the stationery section and I heard a loud thud behind me. I swung around to see if she was alright. She was fine, however, the thud was from her hitting one of their racks where they keep all the goodies. She was trying to maneouver this crazy thing and in that process, she thoroughly tested it for Frontal and Side Impact Crash Test Ratings by hitting merchandise racks in that store. She will be sending her results to the NHTSA which maintains such records on automobiles.

The second thing I learnt was this. We had a lot of food leftover from the babyshower we hosted 10 days ago. This has all stayed refrigerated since then and we've had some of it during the days when Noddy was totally immobile. When she could finally walk she decided to inspect the refrigerator. To my utter shock, she threw away almost 90% of it. My argument was that it has been safely stowed away in the fridge for this long and therefore is fine. The theory behind this argument was that if you take food and put it in the fridge, you bestow total and complete immortality upon it until you finish eating it. As long as the shield of frigid temperature surrounds food, nothing can happen to it. Either that or it has to really change colors dramatically for you to become cautious and throw it away hesitantly. Well apparently I was wrong on both counts as Noddy (the resident FDA inspector of my home) inspected each container and gave a yay/nay vote to it (mostly nay). So that was a good lesson that food in the fridge does have an expiration date no matter how many degrees above or below freezing it's stored.

Other than that, work continues to suck as usual and there's no more about it that I can blog.