Thursday, August 19, 2004

1 Silver and 2 Dopes

Have you ever been in a situation where something happens (either to you or someone else) and it is funny and shameful at the same time? For example, if a man's pants fall down in the middle of the road, it's funny and shameful meaning you laugh but you don't want to continue staring.
So here's my situation. My country is the second most populous country in the world. If we were to have a hand to hand combat with the US, we would beat them hands down. But yet, we send about 140 odd people to the Olympics. We DO NOT expect them to win anything. And that's not the shameful part that I'm referring to, even though it's shameful by itself. So these athletes go there and try to compete in a world event. One of the atheletes actually wins a silver medal. And then TWO of the athletes out of our crew of 140 "failed" the drug test and have been disqualified for taking banned substances and performance enhancing drugs.
Now tell me this. Is this more funny than shameful or more shameful than funny? It's funny because I'm trying to understand why a hopeless team needs performance enhancing drugs? We won't win even after that. So why bother taking them? Maybe it's because with those performance enhancing drugs our athletes will actually make it into at least the top ten before bowing out. I could understand if Chinese, American or Australian athletes took these banned substances because they have to edge each other out and every gold matters. It would stil be wrong but at least the temptation would be understandable. With India, what are we expecting to do with these drugs? So that's the funny part. The shameful part is the statistical horror. Here it is:
Population: 1 billion plus
Athletes: 141
Medals as of today: 1 silver
Athletes failing drug test: 2
Population: 1.1 billion plus
Olympic Athletes: 810
Medals as of today: 39 ( 17 G : 11 S: 11 B)
Athletes failing drug test: 0
Please excuse me while I hide inside a closet and cry for a while... I'll be back later.


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