Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bump Bling Toink Crash Poink Kapunk Shhhhhh

Those were probably the sounds that Nidhi heard when her car crashed this morning into some obstacle. It's pretty weird. She was doing good and getting off the highway when her car skidded and bumped into a side railing and then went across the road and bumped into the side railing there. Hence all the sounds mentioned above.
Luckily she is fine and dandy ( I want to know how being dandy feels) and her car is not so fine and definitely not dandy. The front does not look very recognizable and the body shop has lots of work to do on it. Cops were surprised her airbag did not go off. I am saying I'm glad it didn't go off otherwise she would have facial bruises from the airbag and that would also indicate a hard collision.
Luckily Noddy's already on top of things. She's got the insurance, car rental and car towing taken care of. A pretty solid strong person I must say. I was only acting as her consultant here and there. She took care of everything and is continuing with her work day currently.
I will try to take a picture of the broken car but doubt if I will be able to. The car is going to get towed directly to the body shop so I might not get to it before that. I will try nevertheless.
Apart from that little speed bump in life, we're still excited about the home. Will continue to post updated about the brand new home and the beat up car.


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