Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A "Cool" Deal

We decided to put an end to this refrigerator business. Buy it and get it done. If you're lazy and you didn't read the previous post, it's down to two - a GE and a Kenmore. The GE one was at HHGregg and the Kenmore was at Sears. Priced identical. Features identical. So we kept thinking what do we do.
You have to remember we tag mom along with us wherever we go. Today, she came in real handy. I was talking to this guy at Sears and I said, "Well we really don't have a big incentive to buy here as opposed to HHGregg since the pricing is the same. We're just picking which model we want." He thinks about this and wants to close the deal before we head to the competitor. So he says, " Well we're running a 10% off discount for seniors and your mom qualifies for that if she's over 60 years old".
Heck yeah she's over 60 !!!. That settled it right there. We had to pick another model though because the model we picked didn't qualify for the discount. But nonetheless the model we ended up choosing was a better one anyway and came to the same price due to Mom's 10% off. Mom obviously was ecstatic having gotten us the 10% off (which translated into about $110). So now you understand why it was a "cool" deal ? Cool = Refrigerator !! Deal = 10% off (I really feel lame when I have to explain these stupid jokes of mine).
Got that out of the way then. We'll look to strike a bargain on the sofa set too. House construction is coming along. The painters are in there painting away. They will be back later for a final coat after the electricians, cabinet guys and others have damaged their painting. Most of the non-carpet flooring is done. Hopefully carpeting will be in there by end of this week. Fingers croossed " X".


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