Sunday, August 08, 2004

Heading to Gujju Jersey

I have a customer visit in NJ till Tuesday. I expect to find more Gujjus than anything else. I prefer to travel Sunday night rather than in an absolutely mad rush on Monday morning. I left home at about 3 pm or so.
The trip started out rather uneventfully. While driving to the airport, I did realize that I didn’t bring along my formal belt needed for the formal pants needed for the customer visit. No problem, I said to myself. Missing a belt isn’t going to be that bad. I boarded in Dayton expecting to be strip searched because I was flying to New Jersey on an Orange alert. In case you were wondering what that was, that’s how the National Security Administration here in the US entertain themselves. They pick colors that they can use and then they make people identify them. That serves two purposes. One is it tests peoples’ color knowledge. Secondly, it brings diversions from the administration’s stupidities.

Anyway I didn’t get strip searched. However, I did have to wait at the airport for a full hour before Keith (the NCR guy who was with me throughout this trip) would show up at the Avis terminal. I couldn’t go hungry till then so I had to eat at this pathetic place at the airport. It’s my fault. I picked the worst possible airport restaurant. I tried to wash down their meal with a soup, which in turn needed washing down. So it complicated matters a bit.

While waiting for Keith at Avis, I met this guy who was like an Avis “usher”. His job was to talk to the people from the time that they entered the Avis building till the time they got to the Avis counter. That time was usually about 10 seconds on the average. However, with me, he had a bigger opportunity to prove his intellect since I had nothing better to do. I wasn’t even ushering people, so in his eyes, I was more useless than he was.

He struck a conversation with me about, what else but, Bush. Now, I think there should be a federal law that prohibits a person from initiating a political conversation with someone else, unless they ask the other person whether or not that person has the right to vote. The reason is that from my standpoint, no matter how badly I may want Bush to stay or go, it doesn’t matter. Mine is one vote that won’t count. Hell, it won’t even be there to be counted. I do not have franchise rights in this country, which I consider to be a good thing.

Thankfully Keith showed up some time later and we were on the way. The hotel room was just that … a hotel room. At least they had free breakfast. I planned on sleeping early but couldn’t sleep until midnight. I was busy doing the three things that every person in this world does, when using a hotel for a work related trip – check out the bed, watch TV and make sure the alarm clock works.

Good night!


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