Monday, August 16, 2004

Home Improvement

They messed up Noddy's kitchen island and it is missing a lazy susan. Now, I have no idea why they call it a lazy susan, but that's what it is. It's basically a cabinet with two revolving trays inside it and that cabinet rotates on it's hinges to expose the trays. More storage, she tells me. She's very excited about it. The salesman assures us that the mistake will be rectified. We know better. We won't close on the house until they take care of it.
We went refrigerator shopping today. We really liked two...but of course you can't buy two. At least not for the kind of home we have. So we'll pick one tomorrow I guess. Noddy also paid a visit to her dear beloved sofa set that sits currently at Rhodes Furniture. She's been eyeing it for six months now and she will finally have it when the house is finished. It also continues to drop price so that's good for us anyways.
Oh by the way, more Olympics. We keep watching the annoying U.S. broadcasters make such a big deal out of Michael Phelps, the swimmer. He's a good swimmer for sure, but they dedicate the entire broadcast to him. I suppose it's only fair because when India plays cricket, we dedicate our entire broadcast to Tendulkar.
It's annoying Noddy anyhow and I have to keep her in check. If the Olympics start affecting her personally, then she needs to go into intense therapy.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This from the guy who Last Olympics saw Svetlana in all events, whether gymnastics or kabbadi!...and who wanted to have a daughter, just so he could name her Svetlana!!
We all know who 'really' needs the therapy! :D

3:46 PM  

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