Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Homeward bound

So how would I look today in those dirty sneakers. Well the trousers are semi-formal, so they help a bit. The shirt is still formal. And obviously, no belt (Notice that I’m refraining from using the term beltless for the fear of being grossly misinterpreted)

The schedule is a little relaxed today than yesterday. The day started at 9:30 am instead of the 8:30 yesterday. However, the rest of it went really hectic since I was trying to remotely manage my other project back at the office. But at the end it all worked out.

It was a good feeling overall that the trip was well worth it, regardless of the fact that more than once I felt like a cross-dresser (which I’m not, in case you’re now wondering). The customers liked our story for the most part and we didn’t come out looking like we didn’t know what we were doing. This has so far been my third customer trip. First was to Milwaukee, second was to Atlanta and the third was here to New Jersey.

Left the customer site at 4 pm because Keith had a 6:15 flight and the thought of New Jersey made him uneasy. We didn’t do too bad in terms of time and made it to the airport at 4:45. I checked in my bag and then entered the line for the security check. I must say that I didn’t get strip searched at the airport on my way back either. That did surprise me a bit. I can’t believe they let a man of Asian descent, walk through New Jersey airport without searching him when they are on an orange alert. Of course, I as a software developer am of no interest to them so that might explain that. However, they did think that a particular woman had something in her hair because they had pulled her off to a side and a female officer was peering into her hair while the lady held the hair up. I hope they found a deadly hairclip in her hair… indeed a weapon if you ask me. Noddy has poked me with them and they do certainly hurt. When poked enough times it could result in death due to frustration and annoyance. So that woman could very well have jeopardized a small flight.

I checked in my bag and then started to make my way towards some food. I was definitely not eating at the rat-house I had used on my way in. Going ahead I saw Pizzeria Uno. Good place and decent food according to me. I got myself a Coke and a sandwich and munched. I saw a peculiar thing. Pizzeria Uno at this airport was a more happening place than a singles dating party. More and more strangers would sit together at the same table and talk and then leave. Almost no families came. Most people were traveling alone and timesharing tables. I had two people sit at my table. I spoke two sentences to one of them but the other one was too engrossed in a book to read. She did love the book a lot because she nearly choked on her Coke because she had to laugh hard about something she read.

Uh Oh... time for me to check my flight. Better dispose of this stuff and leave. Someone else needs my place at Pizzeria Uno.

See you in Dayton.


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