Saturday, August 21, 2004

T Minus 24

Mom leaves tomorrow. I cannot handle that very well and niether can she. We both know it. We both pretend we're going to be fine. We both know we won't. "Heavy Sigh !!"

To take my mind away from her going away, I am packing like crazy. Noddy is probably wondering why I am packing to move within 3 days. The living room , guest bedroom and master bedroom are significantly packed and we still have to live her another couple of weeks at least !! We're going to live like nomads for a while. But that's okay because I'd rather get stuff done then wait for hell to break loose at the last moment.

I am going to miss mom very much. She's been incredibly helpful with daily activities and we're going to notice that once she's gone. She can't sit in one place for very long. In fact she used to call me up at work and complain about how she's bored because we've forbidden her to do anything. So she's helped with the meals, cleaning, packing for the move and stitching lots of stuff for the new home. She really likes to keep herself busy and does not like "rest" beyond a reasonable measure.

The Olympics continue but the interest is waning. I doubt if we will watch any of it next week. Once swimming and gymnastics are over, the games are over as far as we are concerned.


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