Friday, August 20, 2004

T Minus 48

It's roughly 48 hours before mom leaves. This countdown is really not helping me. She's really emotional and I'm prepping her up to not cry when she leaves - an impossible goal but nonetheless worth the effort. I keep telling her to think happy thoughts and of all the good times we've had together. Her visit has been outstanding. We spent four months and didn't realize it's been that long. She came when the house was non-existent and we were staring at a barren piece of land. As she leaves, the house is finished and she is extremely proud of it. This was the highlight of her trip. Of course, going to Niagara Falls was second on that list.
The house is coming along good. A trip today confirmed some anomalies and issues but nothing that could be termed as a showstopper. It looks beautiful from the inside now. One of the things I've been afraid of is that the choices we made for the carpet, cabinets, flooring, countertops and other such items, might not work out. But it all coordinates beautifully and the house has a clean appearance. That is before we move in and turn it into a three ring circus.
They've put plants in our frontyard. I can not recognize them but Pam knows them. So I have to get names from her. She's helped quite a bit with tips, advice and other such helpful hints during the process. I should probably buy her dinner or something. Come to think of it, Tim and Bryan deserve treats too. They've really helped in the process. Am I sounding like one of those dumb idiots at the Oscar awards? You know, the ones who thank every person in the world except perhaps the eskimos and some penguins. Hopefully not.


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