Monday, September 13, 2004

Blood Sweat Tears Dust and a new Home

It has been 12 days since my previous post. That is the longest gap between blogs since I started writing this. Lots of good reasons but beware that this is going to be a long blog.
We finally closed (legal term here for paid the downpayment and got the keys) on the home on September 1st just after 7 pm. We got the keys and drove straight to the new home. The amount of paperwork to be completed is mind-boggling. But we got that done thankfully and are now set to pay mortgage every month rather than rent.
It was a very weird feeling to own the home. I really cannot describe it accurately but I will try. I would be lying just like those Miss Universe winners do, if I told you that it was nothing but joy. It was really more than just joy although that feeling did figure in the spectrum. There was a big sense of relief that the handover process was completed. There was also an even bigger sense of anticipation on what lies ahead. I sort of stood outside the home for a very long time like a lost puppy thinking, "Where the hell am I and what am I to do next?".
Thursday (September 2nd) was very uneventful. We were planning on painting a room but that went nowhere because Home Depot people work at turtle pace and by the time we finished buying paint and tools (and were $100.00 poorer) it was getting dark. Now you have to realize that in a new home here, you don't get too many preinstalled lights. The room we were planning on painting relied solely on sunlight for illumination and therefore painting was out of question for Thursday.
Friday evening (September 3rd) , we actually started to paint. Jyothi was also there because they have bought a home as well and she wanted to get some experience painting (thus making us the guinea pigs !). I'll be honest with you, we really were glad she could help. Otherwise it would be impossible to finish that room before the last ray of light left. Towards the end we were working in the dark and guessing that we had indeed finished the corners and applied the finishing touches. It was scary to think that the first time the three of us (me, Noddy and Jyothi) had painted, we would not know the results until next morning. The room that got painted is going to be our "Ocean room".
Here comes Labor day weekend. Three days of straight vacation that could not have had a better sense of timing. Our plans were to move from our apartment to the new home over this weekend. Of course when you make a grand plan like that, things start to fall apart from the beginning and the avalanche continues till the very end. I do not want to write a long sob story about what transpired but here's the gist. Most of the people who had 'volunteered' to help us out did not show up. Noddy, myself and Rahul practically moved all the non-heavy furniture which was pathetically slow and it was a UHAUL full of boxes and odds and ends in 80 degree heat. The heavy stuff was moved by professional movers. We (the three musketeers) also moved all the new purchases such as the couch set. It was so much fun. Some of the missing 'volunteers' came in Monday with dinner to help us out and they helped quite a bit. We had to call on Smita to help Noddy setup the kitchen and sure enough she contributed substantially. Smita is like the Rahul Dravid of friendship. Always consistent and reliable. She helped us significantly and the kitchen looks the way it does largely due to her efforts. We really owe her a lot for her help.
The rest of the week was spent trying to get the house setup correctly. The phone lines were a definite education. I did not realize that SBC was going to let the line go live into their box but beyond that it was my responsibility to take it into the home. It was very enlightening to understand how you use CAT5 cabling instead of the traditional two line analog phone connection. I spent quite a bit of time figuring it out.
By Friday I was certain that I had lost my DSL modem and my digital camera because no matter how much I looked (in the wrong places obviously) , I could not find them. Then Sunday, they showed up all of a sudden.
Today is Monday - the house is much more setup than before but we still have a long way to go before we declare it finished. The grass has a few dry patches due to my laziness in watering. But it looks splendid, formidable and beautiful. Of course those adjectives are relative to what you have owned in the past. A palace owner with a hundred acres of land would not find my house as lucrative but I do. And I definitely think it's pretty and needs a lot of work and attention - something that I am willing to provide.


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And a lovely house it is too!

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