Monday, September 27, 2004

Blug Blog Blig

I got thinking about the whole blogging thing and I noticed that no one responds to my blogs. Heck I’m not even sure if anyone READS them. I know for a fact that Puppetainer reads them because I see comments from him posted right under my blog. I’ve also had comments from a couple of other people.

My nieces, Indy Princess and Golden Treasure (these are their MSN handles, don’t ask me why!) regularly read the blog and they keep me informed as to what’s going on in their lives. So they’re really the only ones that actually participate but even then they don’t use my blog to interact. It is turning out to be a challenge to get my family involved into this blog business. I guess it’s a special interests group and I shouldn’t expect people to participate.

Take Puppetainer for example. His wife Yondergirl has her own blog and posts comments onto his blog. I post comments onto both their blogs and he posts comments onto my blog. Confused, yet? So anyway, what this shows is that we are a part of a blog community so to speak that isn’t necessarily tied around family and friends. It’s just people coming together.

And maybe that’s the way to go about this. Maybe I shouldn’t be sending blog updates to family and friends. Rather I should send them to a select group of people (even if it’s one person) who I’m sure would participate in the blogging process. It will save me the disappointment of looking at my uncommented blogs day in and day out. Puppetainer, is this the right way to go?

So this is my last blog update to this mailing list. Going forward, I’ll create a new mailing list of people who actually interact on the blog or show some signs of having read my blog and responded.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know I blog it too!!

Congrats on your lovely new home and by the way - I had a LASEK procedure done on my eyes last month!



9:43 AM  
Blogger Puppetainer said...

I didn't get much response on my blog for the first year. But now that I have more readers that I haven't met face to face, I get many more comments. It just takes a while.


Congrads on the LASEK, how's your vision? I just had my eyes done a week and a half ago, and mine's pretty good.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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