Thursday, September 16, 2004

Punch the hole!

Hmm..very interesting. The new home is teaching me a lot. So when you hook up your washer and dryer, next to the washer hot and cold inlets, there is an outlet for dirty water from the washer to go down the drain pipes.
Now in the rental home that I had, I had that outlet there and all I had to do was drop the pipe from the washer into that outlet. Not in my new home! Here there was a neat little sticker next to the water inlets that said, "Punch out a hole here. This is your where your water outlet pipe is attached".
Oh very interesting! How the heck am I supposed to do THAT. The cap that was on top of the outlet hole was sealed shut and it didn't just pop out or you couldn't just hammer through it. Oh the agony - this made my head hurt. Couldn't the stupid plumber just put a hole there instead of making me do it? I cursed the plumber, and was scurrying around to find other alternatives. I came up with the following:
1) Use a drill - problem is I might drill through the actual pipe sitting under that capped hole
2) Use a hammer to hammer the hole out - a typical male idea along the lines of 'might is right'
3) Find the stupid plumber, get him to do it - yeah sure , plumbers are very reliable and have excellent customer service !! No wonder they're plumbers.
4) Stare at the sealed cap for a while , see if it comes off on it's own.
At the end I did manage to take the sealed cap off with a combination of screwdriver, cordless drill, a set of pliers, abuses, gritted teeth, shut eyes and Noddy's super calm you-moron-stop-freaking-out attitude about the whole thing.
Good things happening at office as well. I put peanut M&M's into a co-worker's water cup while she was watching. They got gross, dissolved and the water was just of this ugly red/brown color. That was pure joy.
Secondly, my good friend Puppetainer, another co-worker who works from the Atlanta office( got his lasik surgery done and minutes ago I got a call from him from the hospital that all went well and that he's already seeing much better. Well GOOD for you Puppetainer. BTW, he has that as his MSN nickname because he is completely into puppets and is a big big big contributor at the Center for Puppetry Arts ( in Atlanta. I did see one of his cool puppet shows. If you're ever in Atlanta and want to go to one of the shows, let me know and I'll hook you up with him as your guide into the whole thing.


Blogger Puppetainer said...

So glad you finally got the pipe thing figured out, I kept forgetting to ask!

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