Friday, October 29, 2004

Resourceful people?

Does anyone have enough contacts to get a significant amount of Cortizone, Valium and Prozac in IV form? This makes a good "pain" reliever I've heard. Wanted to see if this works any better than aspirin or other OTC stuff.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mess ups

Today was Mess Up day. I messed up three things in a row at work. And all three people were Managers so I'm hoping they don't talk to each other. Luckily for me, they're in a meeting tomorrow morning and will talk to each other for SURE.!!

So much for a great start to the week. It can only get better, I assure you. Still thinking about the awesome weekend party we had. It ranks among the best I've been to or hosted!

Grass and Fireworks

Two very different themes, yet equally important.

We have a reasonable amount of grass growing in our backyard thanks to lots of rain this past week. It is still small and patchy but it's widespread enough that when spring comes, I'm certain that my grade in the backyard will not get washed away. I think the lawn will look awesome next spring and all the effort put in will be well worth it. My neighbor, on the other hand, spent close to 900 dollars to get his yard sodded as opposed to my 200 dollars and his is Kentucky Bluegrass which is not as good as the Tall Fescue that I put in. So I shall do a quick naked dance to tease him, either before the first snow this winter or on the first day of spring. I shall keep you posted on the results of that dance.

Secondly, we had our first ever Dashera party this weekend. Dashera is an Indian festival signifying triump of good over evil - I was the evil one!!. I think the party was great because we were constantly active for about five hours before everyone decided that they were too tired to continue. We handed out water guns as door prizes in various games and they were a big hit too. Synapse, a good friend of ours, brought some sparklers and we lit those. That resulted in an impromptu game of a group of sparkler wielding folks pitted against a group of water gun wielding folks. You can guess where this is going. The water gun people trying to put out the sparklers and then a whole lot of mayhem resulting from that activity. Synapse also gave us one of the best gifts we've gotten - a hand made plate that had a little friendship quote at the back and then all polished up just like a regular plate. It looks really good and I think we'll just decorate with it.

Current mood: Back-to-work sober

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Research and a new recipe

Today I made Egg Bhurjee (an Indian recipe based on egg that is very close to scrambled eggs). What is different is that I added Smirnoff Ice to it as I cooked it. Smirnoff Ice is a flavored beer and tastes nice. Adding it to my recipe didn't do anything to the taste so I think I recommend that to everyone.

Secondly, Indy Princess and I participated in a research project and we want to share our findings with you. Our findings are published here. Please click on this link to read our research paper published.

Your comments to our findings are appreciated.!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pretty Green

Two notes on green:
My backyard has green grasslings growing. They are not covering the whole backyard but about 20-40% of it. That's all I expect this year anyway so I'll overseed next year.

Secondly, something got into me tonight. On one of the rooms in our home, Noddy and I had made the decision to paint the wall facing the backyard, green. That way, it would blend very well with the foliage in the background. Anyway, we never got around to it. But at about 9 pm, I developed this sudden urge to paint that wall green and be done with it. Noddy was pretty certain I was high on crack. But that's what you get into marriage for. You support your spouse when he's making sane choices and you definitely support your spouse when he's making insane ones. That's what tests a marriage.

So this room caught my attention and I decided to get the green wall done. I started out rusty since I haven't painted since we got here. It went okay but we ran out of paint by the time 2/3rd of the wall was done. It does look pretty I'll tell you that. Noddy's going to get some more paint tomorrow and we'll finish that wall. But throughout the time that I was painting, she just sat there in that room giving me a you're-so-corny look from behind.

A couple of posts ago, I had written about the cat burglar. Today, Noddy left some milk in a little bowl outside for the stray cat. She wants to sort of adopt that cat because she's concerned that the cat might go hungry all winter or something like that. I'm not sure this is a good idea but again, going back to what I said about marriage, gotta support it!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Cat Burglar

Yesterday was very interesting in terms of all that happened.

First of all, Serendipity, a really good friend of mine defended her thesis successfully and therefore has crosses the biggest hurdle to graduating from her Ph.D program. Thesis is a fairly nerve wracking ordeal and for those who have gone through it, I'm sure you understand what a sense of relief Serendipity feels.

Please post your congratulations to her as comments to this blog.

Secondly, I got the table assembled and it looks beautiful now. Assembling the table did not take too long and we now have a good breakfast table to ruin as opposed to the formal dining table. We also had a vandalism incident at our home last night. However, this isn't one that can be stopped by burglar alarms or motion sensors or even the cops! Here's the story:

We have to put our trash out at night near the curb so that the trash collection truck can pick it up. They pick it up every Friday morning. Now, normally they would give you a trash can to put your trash but they are running behind schedule on that delivery so we just keep the bags out on the curb and they pick it up. While the bags were sitting on the curb last night, Noddy noticed something odd. One of the garbage bag was open and an empty can of yoghurt was about 10 feet away from the bag. She also noticed that there was a CAT going through our garbage. Now, knowing Noddy, she's not the types to bring out a gun, shoot the cat, pack it up in the same garbage bag and be done with it. Nope. She really liked the cuteness of the cat and so we watched it go through our garbage for a while before we realized that this needs to stop. Obviously as soon as we went outside, the cat shot off. We recollected some of the strewn garbage and had to repack it because it had ripped the bag out and rendered it useless. The regarbaged stuff stayed in the garage before I put it out this morning for collection.

What next!!

Oh by the way, congratulations once again Serendipity.!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Home Improving

I was watering my Sahara desert like backyard last night hoping I'd get some grass so that the neighbors don't think I'm a big loser. I was also contemplating buying a big can of green spray paint and putting it all over so that it looked like real nice green grass.

During that endeavor, I saw - not one, not two - FOUR full blades of baby grass in the backyard. I am so happy. I have four blades of grass. That's so nice. I am going to celebrate tonight. I have successfully seeded my backyard with four blades of grass. What a thing to be proud of.

Anyway, it seems like "four" was the number of the day because I also assembled the four chairs that are part of the breakfast table ensemble that we bought. Only the table remains to be assembled and I'll do that tonight.

Work was shitty - nothing more, nothing less. I beat Noddy at rock-paper-scissors 13/3....that's the biggest margin ever. I feel proud. That's the only game I can beat her at. Everything else, particularly the board games, she's rips me out within 15 minutes of starting.

Current state: Lazy but hungry

Current mood: Deep thought

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Soften it up a bit!

So the weekend project was - install the water softener. That project turned into 'change-your-plumbing-around-to-get-the-softener-to-install-in-a-corner. Here comes the background. If we just installed the softener straight, it would be a simple project but that would mean that the softener would sit in the middle of the usable space of the basement. Guess what? That space then becomes unusable.

B-Dog from work was my mentor/helper of the project. I really owe him a lot because he spent the entire Friday evening and Saturday whole day to get this done. So I ruined his weekend and felt good about having the softener. The installation itself went without many incidents. First we plumbed and/or re-plumbed a lot of pipes in the home. Our biggest concern was to make sure all our soldered joints in the pipe didn't leak. That moment of truth arrived when we restarted the water supply to the home and waited for all that water to go through the new plumbing and pressurize it all. We were on a dream run when B-Dog found a leak. Guess what? It was just a bad L joint, and had nothing to do with our soldering. We had leak-free soldering!! Yay!.

After restopping, redraining and replumbing that particular joint we started the supply back and things looked real good. Then we turned on the softener and poured 80 lbs of salt in that thing. I kept staring at the softener as if it was an exotic animal that was reproducing and I didn't want to miss that miracle. B-Dog was very amused at my reactions to this contraption that is so common in American homes.

We did have a mini accident where the drainage pipe of the softener popped out of the drain and leaked water on our basement floor. So Noddy and I cleaned it up and spent 1/2 an hour doing that.

By the way, I continue to have no grass in the backyard.

Weekend : Hectic.

Current condition: Exhausted

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Losing my mind

The backyard looked very sad today. The prospects of the seed resulting in new grass are going slimmer and slimmer. The soil was very dry and cracks were appearing throughout. Not exactly in a humid condition as needed by seeds to germinate. I did water it but I think that at the end of this month I am going to end up with a very large water bill and very little grass in the backyard. Oh well, I'll keep you updated on the backyard developments.

Quite a bit of the evening was spent organizing my paperwork. Shredder got fixed up so that I can shred sensitive documentation. Spent an hour freaking out because I could not locate my 2003 tax returns or the very large folder that contains all the house purchase contracts. Losing that would be very unfortunate but I did find it neatly tucked away in the entertainment center. What an ideal location for important paperwork - right next to extra speaker wiring, broken cassette cases and everything else that is audio video related.

It has been happening to me quite often. I keep stuff carefully or carelessly. In either case, I cannot remember where I kept it and I start freaking out. Then I spend countless hours retracing the last hour, day, week or month when I had seen it. I am also cursing myself and Noddy is wondering why I'm behaving as if *I* am going through PMS.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


It's been a great day. I let the lawn go to hell. The grass seed in the backyard has probably all dried up and dessicated. I care two hoots. I really needed a break and took one. I am a grassless happy man today!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Addendum to weekend activity blog

Noddy gave me a lot of heartburn about missing a very critical and important note in my weekend blog.While we were at the nursery buying plants and grass seed, we noticed a paddock where there were aboutfour to five llamas. Now if you have no idea what a llama is then you have to really watch "The Emperor's NewGroove". Anyway, these are majestic woolly animals that are useful for (obviously) their warm woolly fur and their milk.This guy in Ohio rears llamas. Very surprising but true. What is also more surprising is that they originated in SouthAmerica. I questioned him about the contradiction there. How can a thick coat woolly animal survive in sub-tropical SouthAmerica. His answer was, "It's not subtropical up in the mountains where these llamas reside". And that makes sense. Indiais a tropical country but the Himalayas are anything but tropical. So we had a good encounter with the llamas.They are very beautiful to look at and they really are at a height which is unusual. A bit shorter than a mule butthe neck sticks out way high almost to the level of a horse's neck.

There...Noddy, now you happy?

Monday, October 04, 2004

The making of a home

I've been asked for this quite a bit - pictures of the home. To be honest with you, I had a lot of pictures of the home but only in it's unfinished state. After closing, life has been extremely hectic and we have had no opportunity to take pictures of the finished product at all! But here it is, a link that will show you the start to finish story of the place we now call home. Lemme know what you think....

Since my blog is kooky about how shit works, you have to copy the two lines shown below into your browser window before you hit the enter button or the Go button. Simply putting one line or clicking on the first line won't work.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

What weekend?

Ah! Friday felt so good. The work week was finally over. Now onto the weekend where I had to do stuff around the home. Sounds pretty straightforward. Here's how it shaped out.

Saturday: Start out the morning by going to a friend and borrowing his truck. Go to Value City Furniture and pick up our breakfast table. Bring it home, somehow manage to get it off the truck - they had packaged four chairs and one wooden table in a big squarish box. Noddy and I managed to get it off somehow. Then, moving on to Lowes, we went there and picked up the water softener and the lawn mower. More money spent like a sand clock. But that's okay. I got paid on the 30th, so when the mortgage bill comes, I will just hide or slide it under the door of my unsuspecting neighbor who is a church neighbor. I will stick a note that says, "Jesus wants you to pay your neighbor's mortgage to show that you believe in the 'love thy neighbor' dictat of Christianity". Maybe it will work. If it doesn't, I'll try the neighbor on the other side.

Anyway, after that we decided to go seed shopping since the biggest thing planned for this weekend was seeding the barren wasteland that we call our backyard. Wanted to spend about 30 dollars on seed, ended up spending 80 on seed and 50 on plans that Noddy liked in the nursery we went to. More sandclock effect.

Then we went onto Home Depot to rent the slice seeder. A smart man at work had given me the idea that it works great for new seeding. The same smart man forgot to tell me that you need two bulls and possibly an SUV, all tied together, in order to pull that thing. My yard does not exactly qualify as small and I don't exactly qualify to be a bull. So I hauled that thing, swearing everytime I would turn around to cover the next length. Hauling it up and down on dry dusty ground on a slopy surface was no fun. I looked dusty, I ate quite a bit of my yard dust, maybe some worms, definitely a lot of seed and so my stomach has it's private greenhouse tucked away under the liver somewhere. Noddy took pity and helped me when we were doing Pass 2 with the slice seeder. The lawn looked pretty well seeded i.e. I could see seeds all over. This is what I call the textbook definition of throwing away 80 dollars. Heck I even used a seeder to throw it away.

We were supposed to return the seeder at 8:30 pm on Saturday and I think we were done by then, but we had no strength left to go and return it. So we extended our rental to next day.

Sunday: Get up. Aargh...can't get up. Every inch of the body aches. I had to make sure I had two legs left. I was very afraid one had dropped off somewhere in the middle of the night. Back to the lawn. Looks seeded, but what a shame it would be if the wind blew all the seed away or the birds ate it. So lets do the recommended thing. Lets get straw and put it over the seed. Then soak the whole backyard. That way, the straw and seed miraculously form superglue and stick to the ground. At least that's what the experts recommend. But lets return the slice seeder back the Home Depot. The guy was probably having a worse weekend than I was because he actually told me to go clean it up better or else he'd charge me 25 dollars for cleaning. The sandclock appeared to accelerate. So I hauled the slice seeder back home, cleaned it up, also cleaned up the borrowed truck while I was at it. This time it was to his satisfaction. Lets return the truck now and get back my dear beloved Accord.

Very hungry. Need a break. So we headed to Cincy for a South Indian lunch at Udipi cafe. The guy must think we're homeless and was very concerned about our ability to pay because he notice how quickly we were gobbling up our food.

Done with that and now back to the now seeded yard. Need hay or straw. The guy from Home Depot told me to go to this one place. That place didn't have it and they told me to go to another. This place did have it. An Accord is not a good idea for straw towing. But we didn't have much of a choice. Now we truly were farmers. A leather Accord with lots of straw flying in it. We carried three bales. Then spent a couple of hours spreading that over the seeded lawn. We were done with the lawn by now. I'm very confused if I was happier with a barren lawn than the now seeded, drenched and strawed version. My water bill is going to be huge. For those renting an apartment, you do not know of any such thing.

Weekend is over. I need another one before I head to work. Sadly, the days of the week aren't created at my whim and fancy. I wish I had my private calendar to follow. Anyway, I have to drive my strawed Accord tomorrow to work and clean my driveway that has straw, dirt, mud, lawn tools and possibly some dead bugs.

Beware, the dining table, lawn mower and water softener are still in their original boxes. I can tell what kind of week this is going to be.