Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Addendum to weekend activity blog

Noddy gave me a lot of heartburn about missing a very critical and important note in my weekend blog.While we were at the nursery buying plants and grass seed, we noticed a paddock where there were aboutfour to five llamas. Now if you have no idea what a llama is then you have to really watch "The Emperor's NewGroove". Anyway, these are majestic woolly animals that are useful for (obviously) their warm woolly fur and their milk.This guy in Ohio rears llamas. Very surprising but true. What is also more surprising is that they originated in SouthAmerica. I questioned him about the contradiction there. How can a thick coat woolly animal survive in sub-tropical SouthAmerica. His answer was, "It's not subtropical up in the mountains where these llamas reside". And that makes sense. Indiais a tropical country but the Himalayas are anything but tropical. So we had a good encounter with the llamas.They are very beautiful to look at and they really are at a height which is unusual. A bit shorter than a mule butthe neck sticks out way high almost to the level of a horse's neck.

There...Noddy, now you happy?


Blogger Puppetainer said...

And how do Llamas compare with Alpacas?

Did any of them spit? They stop being charming the second they spit.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I practically live in the Vet School,and I have a great view of the pasture...there is one Llama there. He is all by himself surrounded by ravishing mares ;) doesn't seem like he spits but maybe all that testosterone may make him act up....... He is really cute, always gazing out at the parking lot, fascinated by the trucks...........
Looks like your weekend was at par with mine.... writing and re writing your thesis ten billion times with your advisor breathing down your back is no fun :(. doing all this with three hours of sleep....much much worse.

4:16 PM  
Blogger book_worm said...

Yup !! I am happy now. Lets consider adopting a llama rather than a kittten. We can then bully our neighbour with the St. Bernard.

We will proudly walk our great big llama whilst he walks his scrawny little St. Bernard.

9:02 PM  

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