Friday, October 15, 2004

Cat Burglar

Yesterday was very interesting in terms of all that happened.

First of all, Serendipity, a really good friend of mine defended her thesis successfully and therefore has crosses the biggest hurdle to graduating from her Ph.D program. Thesis is a fairly nerve wracking ordeal and for those who have gone through it, I'm sure you understand what a sense of relief Serendipity feels.

Please post your congratulations to her as comments to this blog.

Secondly, I got the table assembled and it looks beautiful now. Assembling the table did not take too long and we now have a good breakfast table to ruin as opposed to the formal dining table. We also had a vandalism incident at our home last night. However, this isn't one that can be stopped by burglar alarms or motion sensors or even the cops! Here's the story:

We have to put our trash out at night near the curb so that the trash collection truck can pick it up. They pick it up every Friday morning. Now, normally they would give you a trash can to put your trash but they are running behind schedule on that delivery so we just keep the bags out on the curb and they pick it up. While the bags were sitting on the curb last night, Noddy noticed something odd. One of the garbage bag was open and an empty can of yoghurt was about 10 feet away from the bag. She also noticed that there was a CAT going through our garbage. Now, knowing Noddy, she's not the types to bring out a gun, shoot the cat, pack it up in the same garbage bag and be done with it. Nope. She really liked the cuteness of the cat and so we watched it go through our garbage for a while before we realized that this needs to stop. Obviously as soon as we went outside, the cat shot off. We recollected some of the strewn garbage and had to repack it because it had ripped the bag out and rendered it useless. The regarbaged stuff stayed in the garage before I put it out this morning for collection.

What next!!

Oh by the way, congratulations once again Serendipity.!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hah ! ...and u wanna adopt 2 big cats and keep them in ur house...guess what they will do to ur linen !!

My hearty congratulations to serendipity..

anxious to see u guys tonite..

11:07 AM  
Blogger Puppetainer said...

Congrads Serendipity!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheeshers for writing about my "nerve wracking ordeal" sense of relief has been so strong that I am still in an alcoholic haze *grin*
Thanks to Puppetainer and "Anonymous" too for wishing someone whom you dont really know! Hopefully Sheeshers will keep you all updated about my progress after I join AA.

12:58 AM  

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