Monday, October 25, 2004

Grass and Fireworks

Two very different themes, yet equally important.

We have a reasonable amount of grass growing in our backyard thanks to lots of rain this past week. It is still small and patchy but it's widespread enough that when spring comes, I'm certain that my grade in the backyard will not get washed away. I think the lawn will look awesome next spring and all the effort put in will be well worth it. My neighbor, on the other hand, spent close to 900 dollars to get his yard sodded as opposed to my 200 dollars and his is Kentucky Bluegrass which is not as good as the Tall Fescue that I put in. So I shall do a quick naked dance to tease him, either before the first snow this winter or on the first day of spring. I shall keep you posted on the results of that dance.

Secondly, we had our first ever Dashera party this weekend. Dashera is an Indian festival signifying triump of good over evil - I was the evil one!!. I think the party was great because we were constantly active for about five hours before everyone decided that they were too tired to continue. We handed out water guns as door prizes in various games and they were a big hit too. Synapse, a good friend of ours, brought some sparklers and we lit those. That resulted in an impromptu game of a group of sparkler wielding folks pitted against a group of water gun wielding folks. You can guess where this is going. The water gun people trying to put out the sparklers and then a whole lot of mayhem resulting from that activity. Synapse also gave us one of the best gifts we've gotten - a hand made plate that had a little friendship quote at the back and then all polished up just like a regular plate. It looks really good and I think we'll just decorate with it.

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