Thursday, October 07, 2004

Losing my mind

The backyard looked very sad today. The prospects of the seed resulting in new grass are going slimmer and slimmer. The soil was very dry and cracks were appearing throughout. Not exactly in a humid condition as needed by seeds to germinate. I did water it but I think that at the end of this month I am going to end up with a very large water bill and very little grass in the backyard. Oh well, I'll keep you updated on the backyard developments.

Quite a bit of the evening was spent organizing my paperwork. Shredder got fixed up so that I can shred sensitive documentation. Spent an hour freaking out because I could not locate my 2003 tax returns or the very large folder that contains all the house purchase contracts. Losing that would be very unfortunate but I did find it neatly tucked away in the entertainment center. What an ideal location for important paperwork - right next to extra speaker wiring, broken cassette cases and everything else that is audio video related.

It has been happening to me quite often. I keep stuff carefully or carelessly. In either case, I cannot remember where I kept it and I start freaking out. Then I spend countless hours retracing the last hour, day, week or month when I had seen it. I am also cursing myself and Noddy is wondering why I'm behaving as if *I* am going through PMS.


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