Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Pretty Green

Two notes on green:
My backyard has green grasslings growing. They are not covering the whole backyard but about 20-40% of it. That's all I expect this year anyway so I'll overseed next year.

Secondly, something got into me tonight. On one of the rooms in our home, Noddy and I had made the decision to paint the wall facing the backyard, green. That way, it would blend very well with the foliage in the background. Anyway, we never got around to it. But at about 9 pm, I developed this sudden urge to paint that wall green and be done with it. Noddy was pretty certain I was high on crack. But that's what you get into marriage for. You support your spouse when he's making sane choices and you definitely support your spouse when he's making insane ones. That's what tests a marriage.

So this room caught my attention and I decided to get the green wall done. I started out rusty since I haven't painted since we got here. It went okay but we ran out of paint by the time 2/3rd of the wall was done. It does look pretty I'll tell you that. Noddy's going to get some more paint tomorrow and we'll finish that wall. But throughout the time that I was painting, she just sat there in that room giving me a you're-so-corny look from behind.

A couple of posts ago, I had written about the cat burglar. Today, Noddy left some milk in a little bowl outside for the stray cat. She wants to sort of adopt that cat because she's concerned that the cat might go hungry all winter or something like that. I'm not sure this is a good idea but again, going back to what I said about marriage, gotta support it!


Blogger Puppetainer said...

You might want to talk to Stephanie about her husband, who feed a stray cat near their place.

The cat slipped into their apartment once, and sprayed the carpet under their couch. It took her months to get the smell out, she's still afraid to do anything to the carpet there, and it's a year later.

8:36 AM  

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