Sunday, October 03, 2004

What weekend?

Ah! Friday felt so good. The work week was finally over. Now onto the weekend where I had to do stuff around the home. Sounds pretty straightforward. Here's how it shaped out.

Saturday: Start out the morning by going to a friend and borrowing his truck. Go to Value City Furniture and pick up our breakfast table. Bring it home, somehow manage to get it off the truck - they had packaged four chairs and one wooden table in a big squarish box. Noddy and I managed to get it off somehow. Then, moving on to Lowes, we went there and picked up the water softener and the lawn mower. More money spent like a sand clock. But that's okay. I got paid on the 30th, so when the mortgage bill comes, I will just hide or slide it under the door of my unsuspecting neighbor who is a church neighbor. I will stick a note that says, "Jesus wants you to pay your neighbor's mortgage to show that you believe in the 'love thy neighbor' dictat of Christianity". Maybe it will work. If it doesn't, I'll try the neighbor on the other side.

Anyway, after that we decided to go seed shopping since the biggest thing planned for this weekend was seeding the barren wasteland that we call our backyard. Wanted to spend about 30 dollars on seed, ended up spending 80 on seed and 50 on plans that Noddy liked in the nursery we went to. More sandclock effect.

Then we went onto Home Depot to rent the slice seeder. A smart man at work had given me the idea that it works great for new seeding. The same smart man forgot to tell me that you need two bulls and possibly an SUV, all tied together, in order to pull that thing. My yard does not exactly qualify as small and I don't exactly qualify to be a bull. So I hauled that thing, swearing everytime I would turn around to cover the next length. Hauling it up and down on dry dusty ground on a slopy surface was no fun. I looked dusty, I ate quite a bit of my yard dust, maybe some worms, definitely a lot of seed and so my stomach has it's private greenhouse tucked away under the liver somewhere. Noddy took pity and helped me when we were doing Pass 2 with the slice seeder. The lawn looked pretty well seeded i.e. I could see seeds all over. This is what I call the textbook definition of throwing away 80 dollars. Heck I even used a seeder to throw it away.

We were supposed to return the seeder at 8:30 pm on Saturday and I think we were done by then, but we had no strength left to go and return it. So we extended our rental to next day.

Sunday: Get up. Aargh...can't get up. Every inch of the body aches. I had to make sure I had two legs left. I was very afraid one had dropped off somewhere in the middle of the night. Back to the lawn. Looks seeded, but what a shame it would be if the wind blew all the seed away or the birds ate it. So lets do the recommended thing. Lets get straw and put it over the seed. Then soak the whole backyard. That way, the straw and seed miraculously form superglue and stick to the ground. At least that's what the experts recommend. But lets return the slice seeder back the Home Depot. The guy was probably having a worse weekend than I was because he actually told me to go clean it up better or else he'd charge me 25 dollars for cleaning. The sandclock appeared to accelerate. So I hauled the slice seeder back home, cleaned it up, also cleaned up the borrowed truck while I was at it. This time it was to his satisfaction. Lets return the truck now and get back my dear beloved Accord.

Very hungry. Need a break. So we headed to Cincy for a South Indian lunch at Udipi cafe. The guy must think we're homeless and was very concerned about our ability to pay because he notice how quickly we were gobbling up our food.

Done with that and now back to the now seeded yard. Need hay or straw. The guy from Home Depot told me to go to this one place. That place didn't have it and they told me to go to another. This place did have it. An Accord is not a good idea for straw towing. But we didn't have much of a choice. Now we truly were farmers. A leather Accord with lots of straw flying in it. We carried three bales. Then spent a couple of hours spreading that over the seeded lawn. We were done with the lawn by now. I'm very confused if I was happier with a barren lawn than the now seeded, drenched and strawed version. My water bill is going to be huge. For those renting an apartment, you do not know of any such thing.

Weekend is over. I need another one before I head to work. Sadly, the days of the week aren't created at my whim and fancy. I wish I had my private calendar to follow. Anyway, I have to drive my strawed Accord tomorrow to work and clean my driveway that has straw, dirt, mud, lawn tools and possibly some dead bugs.

Beware, the dining table, lawn mower and water softener are still in their original boxes. I can tell what kind of week this is going to be.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sorry to hear you had such a hectic weekend, on the contrary I had it real easy and relaxing, refused to work completely. Could have provided some support and help when you were doing all the bull work. But don't you think that it is a little too late to seed your lawn, considering that winter is coming....


11:51 AM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

Are you kidding me? Best time to seed is best is Spring. So I think we're doing good if the seed really does take ground that is.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Puppetainer said...

Be thankful nobody suggested aerating your lawn.

'Cause although what you did this weekend was fun, aerating hurts.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Eeyor said...

why r u seeding the lawn a month before it snows?..r u planting pine trees or christmas trees?... and why didnt u ask ur good heartned christian neighbours to help u?...

10:01 PM  

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