Sunday, November 21, 2004

Day 1 Saturday November 20th 2004

The night before, I went to a friend's place for an impromptu get-together for a few hours. That went fairly well. Got back home at about 11 pm. From then on till 4 am, played Age of Mythology. That was unbelievable fun. I plan on continuing on such marathons.

Got up around noon. Called Timmer to see how his annual Deer Creek State Park 2 day outing was going. There were about 13 people there. I told Timmer I couldn't come 'cos it was that late. He said, not a problem - you're never late for a party so get your butt here. So I had a bath ( imagine that!) put my stuff in a backpack and headed for Deer Creek to stay overnight with a bunch of strangers !! I know Tim and Pam real well but the rest of them were all new faces.

The group was fun - crude humor was the key and once you got into that, you'd find yourself at home. The games were also along the adult theme and were fun to watch. We played a game called Corn-Hole. Sounds dumb but it's quite an interesting game and can get very engrossing. More abuot Corn-Hole later.

We got the bonfire going, great great music I must say and of course unlimited food. I stuffed myself as usual and had very little to drink because I didn't want to throw up the first time I meet these people. Maybe next year I will.

Into bed at around midnight, some more Corn-Hole this morning and Pam made breakfast. More garfing down the food. Packed and left around noon and was home at around 1:30.

The next blog will outline what I did today!!


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