Sunday, November 21, 2004

Day 2 Sunday November 21st 2004

So back from the exciting and very engaging trip to Deer Creek with about 14 people. I got out of there around noon and got home an hour and a half later. Spoke to Serendipity in TX. She's the one who's got a Ph.D and I wrote a blog about that over here. So go read that for background info.

Talking to Serendipity is always fun. She's probably the only person who I can talk to about two years of my life that had a significant role in how I have turned out to be - Grades 11 and 12. She knows the ins and outs of that and that's something that no other friend of mine knows about. So it's always a walk down memory lane when talking to her. It's been roughly 10 years now but feels like yesterday when we talk about those two years. Memories are very much crystal clear and attention to details is at a very high level.

I called up Noddy to make sure she reached okay and she did. After our conversation, I decided to go back to my strategy game - Age of Mythology. It's starting to get a bit repetitive so I might give up on it real soon here and try something else. An hour of playing that and I was sleepy - maybe from the food, maybe from staying up late or maybe both. Slept off for an hour and deeply regretted that for the next two. My head hurt when I got up, I was completely disoriented and it was dark outside. That is always a bad combination.

Had to do some shopping from Meijers so I was on the way there when Fahrenheit called up and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner and a movie. Hey I'm always up for that !!. So we watched Sea Biscuit and I really liked the movie. Pizza was brought by Lou and Nicole who are Fahrenheit's friends, so, thanks Lou and Nicole.

Other than that, waiting to call India to check how things are with Noddy's dad but I'm pretty sure it will turn out to be okay. Will keep you posted.


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