Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Day 4 Tuesday November 23rd 2004

Work is work as usual. I'm multitasking and loving it. I am also told that the new year might bring me additional responsibilities so the next year onwards might be a busier work life. We'll see. I've managed so far and haven't had work related stress.

Today was spent hanging around with Smita. She was great company. I think we think alike on a lot of things and the friendship should continue to grow in that manner. The mall was our hangout spot. We didn't do much.

Spoke to Noddy and Mintoop who are in India scarfing down as much food as Bombay can produce for two very hungry Jains. They are also shopping like crazy, so I have heard. We might need new malls by the time they are done with their trip. But to be honest with you, if I had the chance to be in India for such a short period of time I would probably do the same things.

The progress on being a Norse king in Age of Mythology continues.


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