Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Day 5 Wednesday November 24th 2004

I really don't know why most people came to work today. Football was being thrown across cubes. There was a small gang of people who were in the cafeteria hanging around till someone higher up saw them or their own conscience got to them and forced them back to work. The latter eventually happened. Work wasn't that great - ended on a semi-sour note, which is not how I wanted it right before the long weekend but oh well....can't let it get to my real life.

Synapse guided me through much of the packing. However I dropped quite a few suggestions. For example, taking a backup pair of shoes for a two day trip did not sound appealing. Nor did extra jeans or extra underwear. My rationale did not work that way. I did not plan on sharing my underwear with anyone so I was not planning on carrying extras. Plus, there IS such a thing as a washer/dryer so I think I'll be fine but thanks anyway Synapse.

Fahrenheit was not very happy to hear that he would have to get up at 5 am to drop me off !! He has to go to work today and that means his work day will start early. Maybe it will end early as well. We're really good friends so I have pestering rights on him. I better get to bed or I won't make it to my flight.

Bon Voyage to Moi !!


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