Thursday, November 25, 2004

Day 6 Thursday November 25th 2004

This one is from Boston and I have LOTS to say !!
First of all, the day started early...real early...right at about 4:15 am. That's very bad for me. I do not handle body clock changes very well at all. Right as I got up I realized I better prepare for a jet lag even though I was traveling within the same timezone.

Have you ever traveled by AirTran? I have lots to say about them. First of all, their boarding pass isn't really a boarding pass. It looks more like a shopping receipt. Your itinerary is printed and so is your seat assignment. I was afraid I wasn't going to be assigned a seat and they were just going to make passengers run for the seats. The lady at the boarding gate was eccentric and that is putting it mildly. At one point she said, "All passengers needing assistance should now board". No one came forward. Then she said, "After that all passengers from rows 25 and above should board". So all who qualified, including myself, went forward and formed a line only to hear, "No not yet, please go back. We're only boarding passengers needing assistance right now". Right at the moment when everyone dispersed she said, "We are now boarding rows 25 and higher". Does that remind you of that scene from Meet the Parents where he tries to board and is given the same reason as above. Well they weren't just making that up apparently. There are people out there who do behave that way.

Once on board, I figured out why traveling during holiday season is a nightmare. The aircraft was a like a really tightly packed Disneyland. I can swear it had more kids than adults on board. That meant nothing but chaos. Wierd looking monsters were peering at me over the seats hoping to elicit the kind of reaction that I really wished I could give them in public. Kids probably don't get this but it's not very funny to stand up and stare at the rest of the plane behind them. Some people get very uncomfortable when they're already cooped up in this little bar-stool like seat and cannot do anything to avoid a long inquisitive stare.

Now, another thing to mention is I do not handle turbulence very well. And this pilot was apparently flying F-16's right before he got to our aircraft. The plane took the worst dip I have ever felt in my entire life. My food rearranged itself and so did my brains. There was a child that was airborne for at least 1 second due to the sudden dip. I was completely nauseated and hoping to find a parachute under my seat where I could drop myself to safety. The sad part was, this flight was till Baltimore. I still had to endure the onward journey to Boston. I was also blessed with a really small baby who cried like he was being strangled. He persistently cried all along and I was kinda hoping he WOULD get strangled but his parents were not my types.

The Boston flight was better, we had the same kind of turbulence but luckily I got to sleep because there were three seats empty in the plane and all three ended up being right across the aisle from me. So I stretched myself out and tried to ignore the rollercoaster I was on. My nauseating feeling kept coming back and I kept fighting it. Finally arrived here and have been having fun since then. I rested my poor and sorry self for about a good 2 hours and felt better. Eeyor is treating me well.

I visited the mosque today for Thanksgiving dinner. Good environment, great people, good looking girls and of course outstanding food. I did not care very much for turkey when there was lots of chicken and biryani right next to it. At the end I did feel like a stuffed turkey. I also happen to look like one because I desperately need a haircut.

Now, Eeyor and I shall watch a movie. She's already called twice so I better go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, first, thank you for the "Eeyor is treating me well" compliment!!..I have a reputation for roasting and carving out my loved ones - that is why u never see my family.
And second, I have to say that you have a very wrong notion about ur "chick magnet" - FYI - U DONT HAVE ONE !! - all those pretty girls were crowding around u becoz they had no place to stand! wake up, lover boy, and get ready for a nice butt spanking when ur wife comes back, for all the flirting u have done here in Boston.
Love, Eeyor.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man!! you have guts. your wifey might have difficulty checking email from India (considering the connection) but I belive she won't be pleased to learn that you are oogling at pretty girls....che che......


7:29 PM  

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