Sunday, November 28, 2004

Day 8 Saturday November 27th 2004

Back to Dayton, my flights were pretty uninteresting. I had a layover at Baltimore for about three hours. Apparently, the Baltimore Airport authority believes that more people stopping there drink rather than eat. So there are no decent eating places...just lots of places to get inebriated. I had to settle for Taco Bell which is very sad for an airport. Maybe I was hanging around in the wrong section of the terminal.

The flights were not that bumpy at all so I can blame the weather for my misfortunes on the way into Boston. Being back home felt good although I had a really really good time with Eeyor. We did lots in two days and I wish there was one more day I could afford to spend.

Home felt good and I stayed awake till very late as usual. Oh by the way, I finished the Age of Mythology. After the Norselands, we were back to Atlantis and that completed the game. The final battle was won extremely laboriously and patiently.


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