Monday, November 29, 2004

Day 9 Sunday November 28th 2004

Since getting back on Saturday night, I have accomplished quite a bit. Of course, as mentioned in the previous post, much of Saturday night/early Sunday morning was spent in fighting off the last of the demons in Age of Mythology.

After that started the marathon Lord of the Rings session. I finished the first one around 3 am Sunday morning. Continued to watch the remaining two and finally was done by Sunday evening. Of course I was multitasking as well so there were lots of breaks in the middle of the movie watching.

Here's what I have to say about them. The trilogy is good - especially the sets. I think if you compare it to other visually stunning movies I have to say they did a better job. Compared to say, Matrix, the job for the LOTR team was harder. It is much easier to generate computer animated futuristic images than having to play with real grass, real trees and real sky. Now, if you compare with say, Harry Potter where they deal with some of those elements, I'd say LOTR is better because they deal on a much much wider scale than Harry Potter did. LOTR has these various kingdoms that need to be portrayed differently each time and they have to look like kingdoms, not some 10x10 feet sets. So the challenge seems bigger and they seem to have done a great job of it.

Storywise, it's all enchanted creatures and humans mixed together. Don't go there expecting a Harry Potter. Any comparisons to that series is futile. The plot is much more mature - it's not about fighting day to day battles and resolving little mysteries. One thing in common though between HP and LOTR - they both have heroes that receive help from mysterious quarters at the appropriate times. It's amazing how directors have to do that simply to keep the main character alive till the very end. This guy in LOTR started out with eight companions - each time he'd get in trouble they would bail him out. Towards the last leg of the journey, they split and suddenly he was left with just one companion. Strangely enough, the number of bad guys chasing him decreased exponentially as well. Now he was roaming vast plains alone and walking with no care , occasionally hiding behind a tree to avoid a passing caravan of enemies. But that's it! No secret attacks on him, no lightning strike, no enemy swooping down on him.

Overall, I'm not regretting buying the trilogy. I'll definitely be watching it again. This time round I had to watch with subtitles because I did not understand the accent very well. One STRONG recommendation - do not make the mistake I did i.e. watch the movie on small telivision for the first time. I think the FX will be way cooler if you watch it on big screen first and then buy the trilogy if you need to.


Blogger Puppetainer said...

You have to read the books to get the whole (less baddies around) bit towards the end. It's dealt with in a much finer fashion.

And of course you should read the books, 'cause even at twelve hours for the movies (at least with all the extended editions) the books have about four times the detail, and much more backstory (if one cares to wade through it, the Silmarillion is a real humdinger).

I read them first when I was around ten and have re-read them more than anything else.

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