Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Movie Weekend

Bought six movies -

Lord of the Ring , the entire trilogy - not seen
Secret Window - okay
Kill Bill 2 - real good
Mystic River - real good

Also saw 50 First Dates - bad movie, not very funny

Noddy leaves for India on 19th Nov for a couple of weeks. I am a bachelor.

I have entered into a long term relationship with Mr. Lawn Mower, my newest buddy. Lawn Mower and I shall be together for the next few years - until it stops working. In fact I used it this weekend. Quite an adventure because it was a discovery process. Works great. I was so proud of it, I even let my neighbor use it. What a great moment! I learned to use it an hour ago and was showing off as if I invented the self propelled lawn mower.

Halloween was fun. Quite a few kids came trick or treating. Someday I'll find out what happens if you say "trick" instead of handing out candy. Also if you had out bad tasting candy, do they come back for an exchange or a payback?
Buffalo trip planned for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to being with Eeyor and watching cartoons, cruising through town and having a great time.


Blogger Puppetainer said...

When you begin to hate your lawnmower, you can try to label lawn mowing women's work. For some reason I get away with it :D

3:52 PM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

You know, whenever I've tried that I have lost a few days of my life that I can count as being "happily" married. So I think I will not be following that advice.
Thanks anyway though

11:18 PM  

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