Monday, December 06, 2004

The "Christmas" month

At RCS, my workplace, most people have the following work patterns:

January - 70% capacity i.e. 28 productive hours a week. Recovering from the holiday season.

February through October - 75% capacity i.e. 30 productive hours a week. Idea is don't stretch yourself too much else you'll burn out before holiday season.

November - 70% capacity. Trying to make sure the preparation for holiday season goes well.

December - 50% capacity. Work? What work? I thought December was the month off !! We gotta put up the tree (which takes 5 QA women - I never knew that) and then every employee has to bring a decoration that represents them (how do I bring "pissed-off") and then we have to donate things to this and that (can I donate a few employees? There are no tax breaks but that's still a good thing).

That results in an overall per employee per month productivity figure of 72.5% i.e. 29 hours a week.

So you can imagine how well the company's money is being put to use. Employees are paid to goof off and that's highly appreciated (if their reviews are anything to go by). At this point, people like me wonder - why bust your ass? For more money ? For recognition? Eventually these perks, which by the way, we don't have much of anyhow, fade away and the lethargy around you starts gnawing at your own abilities to do work. That results in me picking up headphones and listening to music at ear-drum-damaging volume just so that I can tone out the uselessness around me and try to stay above the unproductivity curve.

What totally sucks is that I'm sure that most companies probably operate at these kind of efficiency levels anyway.....except probably Google Inc. but I'd never want to work there anyway.

I better stop blogging .. I have to put in my 29.6 hours this week!!! That'll keep me just above average.


Blogger jody said...

thanks for the advice. sounds like you should make a resume and find a new job. :)

9:31 PM  
Blogger Puppetainer said...

The reason to "bust your ass" is personal pride.

There's no other reason to work hard. The money is fleeting. Company loyalty which used to be a two way street, is now closed. The only reason to kick butt is for your own sense of self worth. [trumpets] It's for your personal integrity that you work to create the best you can, in the world of the mundane, it is up to you to triumph! [/trumpets]

This message has been brought to you by Your Company Inc.

9:16 AM  

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