Friday, December 10, 2004

The DVD Hackmen

So Noddy gets these DVD's from India. Not pirated - very original. They are cheap and have the same quality as here. The problem is to get them to work on DVD players here i.e. Region 1 encoded players. India falls under a different region obviously.

I've looked into hacking into my Apex AD800 months ago. I just didn't want to do it because it involved firmware upgrades. This time I figured, Oh what the heck... all I might lose is a DVD player that is so cheap that my monthly cell phone bill is higher. And there's always the original firmware you can restore this back.

Noddy, is the expert hacker since she already hacked a DVD player while she was in India. That one did not involve a firmware upgrade. It was a sequence of going through hidden menus and enabling the right stuff. Noddy went to various Yahoo groups and finally figured out the group we needed - an Apex AD800 discussion group. Found the firmware, saw how to upgrade, created the ISO CD and in 15 minutes, we became proud owners of a player that can play DVD's from Pango Pango!!!

The week has been extremely hectic. A very very long work week and personally I'm glad it's over. Being in rainy Ohio makes me happy but makes everyone else very sad around here. They hate the dull weather. I am okay with it because the rain has kept snow at bay and that's what I want.

Next week is more critical than this one but should not be equally hectic. I love you all who read this and hope y'all have ( or had, if you're reading this Monday) a good weekend.


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