Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ever happened to you?

This has happened a million times to me but here goes:

So I want to get into work before 8 am (cos that's just a benchmark I keep). I use the inner roads instead of using the highway or main streets. I do this to avoid SUV's who think that the highway is a way you use for driving when you're high. Main streets have too many lights and too many school buses in the morning. I hate this stupid American thing about halting traffic in every fricking direction when someone gets on a school bus. Seriously, what are the odds of a kid running away from the bus and INTO traffic. When a bus halts at a kerb, the kid gets in .. and the rest of the stopped traffic watches this miracle.

Anyway, not to digress from the point of this post. I get onto this inner road with one lane per direction, that takes me straight to work. Speed limit - 30 mph for 2 miles, 35 mph for 2 miles, 25 mph for 2 miles. As I get onto this road, I begin to notice that the car ahead of me is going a tad below 30 mph. Now there are two reasons for that - old man or old woman. Reading the license plate closely, it said "PT GRANY". And that right there told me that I might as well forget about making it to work before 8 a.m. I keep following her and then I see that ahead of her is ANOTHER pt cruiser and that one is going at speed limit as well. Hmm- I never used this road exactly at speed limit and it seems way slower than if you were, say, 5 miles above.

After what seems like eternity 'PT GRANY' decides to make a left turn and I am now behind the first pt cruiser. It continues to go that way and I'm just left with nothing to do except follow granny. Lo and behold - a school bus. And what's more, it picks up two children. So naturally, we're all stopped.

So my morning ride was comprised of a highly frustrating low speed chase of two grannies driving PT cruisers and a school bus ahead. I did eventually get out of their way (since there was no way that they were going to get out of mine).

Boy was this frustrating beyond everything!!!


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