Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha Hi Lo

Played Poker for the first time last night. My office crew plays once every two weeks and I go most times but end up just dealing and not playing. Last night Noddy was with me and we decided to play. We played two versions - Hold 'Em with two cards and Hi Lo with four.

So here we were, after three hands, down twenty dollars and playing with another twenty. Some of the players were high betters so if you lost, you lost big. Our losing streak was interrupted by a game of craps which Noddy didn't care for very much at all. Anyway, after that the losing streak continued and we were down to our last three dollars and fifty cents which we went all in with. Whoa !!! We won that hand ... well actually Noddy won cos she was the one playing. It was a Flush in the Hi Lo version of that game. As I said, the bets were high since some players always bet big. We won back 4o so we were essentially even for the night. Noddy played a few more hands that we lost and we walked away only 10 under for about 3 hours of fun !! Not bad at all. We're probably going to play again. Will keep you posted on our luck with gambling.


Blogger jody said...

I love playing hold em!! I'm better at being a good luck charm than actually playing, but i love the game none the less. Pics of me or my 14 year old? Regardless... i got both!

2:10 PM  
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