Friday, December 24, 2004

A white Christmas

First the bad part:

So here we are, on vacation since Wednesday. A snow storm hits Ohio on Wednesday and into Thursday. It dumps about 15 inches of snow on the average. I have shoveled my driveway twice. One and a half hour each time. Since ours is a new constructions, apparently the county does not believe anybody lives here yet because they have NOT CLEARED OUR STREET !!!!!! Argh this is so frustrating. We're stuck in home for 3 days now. The outside temperature tonight is -7 F. Whatever happened to global warming? Where did that go? We need snow to go away from here forever. I hate snow or at least living in snow. Now that Christmas is here, I don't expect any cleaning on this street until well past Monday. So we are effectively locked in till then. What a brilliant use of a vacation. I hope snow burns ... I really hope it dies a horrible death.

and now the good part:

I'm stuck at home with Noddy. You cannot imagine how much this is a blessing. She's of course brilliant company and puts up with my crankiness. I love her beyond all reason. And she cooks the most fabulous food and loves cooking....which means I get a 24/7 buffet. Well not really 24, but more like 18/7 buffet. But I am so glad I'm not alone and I'm with someone like Noddy. If I were stuck with someone idiotic like me....we'd be divorced by now. Thank God for sane people. I am so happy I'm stuck here with a sense this helps.


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