Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A working holiday?

I still want to know what exactly is the purpose of a holiday? Everytime I take one, work at home or errands seem to catch up on me. The past three days have been spent on home improvement. Curtains and drapes for all rooms of this home - four rooms in all. They look magnificient and kingly. All curtains were hand made in India and come complete with linings for the outside (view from outside) and sheer material for the inside (view from within the home). But it was a lot of work. The lining is very very heavy and the extensible double curtain rod from Linens N Things is probably at it's edge trying to hold that heavy lining up, even with it's center support. So you can imagine. The rod and it's support are flimsy though, so not all is to be blamed on the curtains. I shall post pictures and point you readers to that location soon.

Still checking out NY Eve parties locally. There's one hosted by KissFM ( a Clear Channel Radio station). Might go to that. Price is steep but probably worth it - $25 per head. Tonight we head to Dave and Busters with the crew - four couples in all. It's a pretty neat place to have fun. I've always enjoyed my time there.

Dad got upset when I didn't return his phone call to my home phone and my cell phone within a 12 hour timeframe. This is what ticks me off about some people. They call on one phone, then the next and then the third ...until you finally pick up and you find out that all they wanted to do was say HI . C'mon!! Leave a goddamn message and drop it. If it's urgent shout and scream in the message or do your thing of calling on multiple phones. But if you're checking to see what we're going to have for breakfast, for heavens sake just try one phone. Someone somewhere should write this down as a part of some phone etiquette book.

My heating bill for December is going to be very close to my annual bonus. The gas fireplace has been used very very frequently and being confined in home due to the snowstorm means the entire house always stayed heated at 71 F. Don't know why that odd number is my comfort temperature. Noddy's is 73 F. I choke at 73 F.

When work resumes I shall have to recover from my jetlag and roll back my clock a full five hours. I am sleeping at 3 am constantly during the vacation. That won't do when work starts back next week. Argh !! That thought is so frustrating in itself.



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