Friday, January 21, 2005

....and she went down fighting

Sania Mirza - Indian Tennis Icon

Okay so Sania lost to Serena as predicted in this post of mine. Not bad though. 6-1 , 6-4 against Serena. The fact that the newbie from a non-sports nation such as India won 5 games against Serena, says something about her. She's still very young so she's got a whole lot of room and a whole lot of time to improve. I really liked her spirit and her game definitely needs improvement in the big points area. Good going, Sania !!

What pisses me off is how the Indian media portrays it. One newspaper said, "Sania matched Serena stroke for stroke initially". Okay but if she matched Serena stroke for stroke she wouldn't lose the first set 6-1 now would she? I'm not trying to take anything away from Sania. In fact I am really proud of the fact that she fought that hard. But I hate how the Indian media takes anything that's Indian and portrays it like we're going to conquer the next available continent. Just shut up and focus on being real please. No, Sania did not match Serena stroke for stroke. Truth is, Sania could not get her first serves in at all, Serena powered her way through with very strong and relentless baseline strokes that exhausted Sania. Serena ended the match with an ace. So lets stop saying this as if Serena was in deep shit at any point in the entire game. She wasn't. Sania fought hard against Serena and we've got to give her credit, just not the way the stupid Indian media wants it to be.

I remember, when Kalpana Chawla went into space, the Indian media claimed it to be such a big deal. Oh really? Well lets see - she did not live in India for most of her life, Indian government did not sponsor her space trip or her training, she trained and worked for NASA and she is flying on a US mission. Rings any bells as to who should get credit and be proud of her? Being born Indian does not automatically mean that your achievements are translated as "Indian efforts". No they're not. They're your efforts. We do this repeatedly. We've also done this for Aishwarya Rai (will she kiss / won't she kiss in Hollywood - oh well let me tell you that she gets mentioned in a one page article on CNN as the fourth headline in the entertainment section. Get over it.), we've done this for Norah Jones (she's a great Indian musician's daughter and that's it - she's lived in Houston TX for all of her life and plays jazz and blues. C'mon!!!) and we will continue to blow our trumpet for anything that any Indian does on this planet. Well if we were such hot stuff why are all those achievers OUTSIDE India? Because you don't give them the opportunity, the bandwidth and the resources to flourish. And if you can't do that then stop claiming they are Indian achievers. You did nothing for them. What they did, was for themselves and on their abilities. Their Indian background did not automatically push them upwards to success.

You know, if I keep going, I'll be spewing out more and more inflammatory stuff - so I better stop. Bottomline - if you're Indian, recognize that and be proud of it if you want to but don't let your achievements be tagged as "Indian". They are your achievements and if you are a great achiever in Mars, then you're a Martian achiever. Your roots do not automatically inherit your achievements and cannot claim it as their own. If they want to, they should have done a better job of keeping high achievers like you in their homeland in the first place.

And now the hatemail shall start :-) . Enjoy your day !


Blogger jody said...

i guess that would make me "a sleepy dago" :)

9:12 AM  
Blogger jody said...

no 8am bootie calls for me, it was my sister calling, sad but true :)

happy sunday !

11:13 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

You bring up a very good point. There are times when using race as a description is unnecessary.

I went to check out a university with a buddy of mine and he was talking with a councilor. Both his parents are Polish but he was born in the US. She (councilor)said "Oh so your Polish American?"

Hmmm. He's Polish, yes. He's American, yes. Polish American? I often think the term African American is abused.

Sorry Sheeshers, don't mean to rant on your board. I'm having problems with mine so I've venting on yours. I'm going to start a new one and when I do, I'll pass the info to you.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well ur right. But the funny thing is a lot of Indians are pissed with the Indian media for portraying people like Kalpana Chawla as Indians or as if in someway what she did was for India. Its the same with Norah Jones. As far as exagerration goes, I think most countries do it. I used to believe that only the Indian media was like that until I started hearing the English media discuss soccer stars or even American media with their description of rivalries. One joke I love is how Red Sox v. Yankees is the greatest sports rivalry in the world.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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