Friday, January 14, 2005

Another great blog-thing

I discovered, via this post, another phenomenon in blogging called - De-Lurking

What do y'all think of that? I think I came across quite a few of you people by reading your blogs and then de-lurking and showing myself to you by posting on your blogs etc. You know what I do on a regular basis? I visit 10 new blogs every night - that is apart from the ones I read regularly. If you post a comment on my blog, rest assured I shall be actively reading and commenting on yours!

Jack of All who comments on my blog brought up a good point on his blog - why do we create blogs? His understanding is mentioned at the beginning of his post here although the post itself deals with an entirely different but very interesting topic.

So I thought why not write the reasons I blog. Here's why I blog (or at least as far as I know) :

1) Freedom of expression: I blog because I can. I can freely say what I want. I can be myself and don't have to be worried about almost anything. Bloggers have that kind of unbridled power of expression. If someone hates mankind - they can shout openly on their blog. This is something they cannot do at their frustrating workplace or say in a supermarket standing in an unending long line. So it's definitely a release mechanism.

2) Knowing people because I want to: Throughout my life, I have made friends because of where I have ended up. I had friends in school because they and I went to the same school. I had friends in college because they and I chose the same college. I have friends at work because they and I chose to work at the same place. Therefore the commonality exists because of the choices that people make and that's how your social circle gets created. With blogging though, you try to find people who LIKE the things you do, who THINK thoughts like you do and who have similar BELIEFS such as yourself. Sometimes you also hunt for people with extremely opposite beliefs simply because you want to know what the other team thinks. See how this is different than situational socials? I don't know "Puppetainer" or "Jack of all" or some of the other people by any association other than blogging. Yet here we are.....why? Because I like Jack of All's posts and I go there regularly and I partake in his thoughts. And the converse is also true. So blogging brings people together because of a commonality that exists between them in this unique way.

3) Immediate social networking: Blogging is free from having to do introductory useless conversations with people who you meet for the first time. For example, if my first meeting with someone is in an elevator, in all likelihood we'll talk about the weather. Why? Because that other person isn't going to tell me how much he hates the way American democracy is going. But on a blog - I can look at a complete stranger's blog and read his thoughts without having to get into the crappy get-to-know chit chat nonsense that is so important to our society. Blogging gets to the point directly - this is what my day was like, this is what I feel strongly about and this is who I am. Now if you like what you see here then get back to me. It's the fastest way to connect to people.

4) A history of myself: It's relieving to put my thoughts down somewhere that I can go back and look at them. If I stop blogging right now and if stays in business, I can look at this ten years from now and see how much I've changed or haven't. In the pre-blogging days, all of this was mental, in my head, no time for others to listen to me and no time for me to listen to others - too fast too furious a lifestyle we all lead. :-) . But this way, what I'm telling myself and my readers is :

This is me - read at your leisure. Hang around till you feel like and enjoy yourself !!!


Blogger Needed said...

I blog as a release... I don't plan for people finding it, and I definitely don't give the URL to people I know. But if the occasional person stumbles upon it, and they find something I say interesting enough to reply to, I do appreciate it. I guess it's a form of validation... And because it's a stranger, I still have that safety net of being an unknown around me...
Thanks for your comment.

5:42 PM  
Blogger BloggingSheHobbit said...

Hmm. I spend time (I don't really have) lurking, and always thought about de-lurking, but never really have. I didn't know there was a name for it...until now. Cool.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Jack said...

It's strange how I came about my blog. I did a search on google for free web space. Blogger was first listed.

I didn't want a live journal page because I have a hard time believing that people write down their true uncensored feelings.

I didn't want a message board because I'm not always looking for responses.

The mind rambles. Sometimes it makes a little more sense writing it down and getting other people's thoughts.

Skeesher, reading this blog has given me a little more perspective on why I blog. Strange how a stranger can be so intuitive to your thoughts.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Will said...

I agree with what has been written here about "why blog" as motivations for my blogging too. And I would add, for me, the following:

That the relationships you try to foster can be totally asynchronous! I have such a busy schedule that I can't get together with my real world people---I'm just always doing stuff during the polite visiting times of the day. But with a blog, I can visit anytime I have time and they are there. I keep asking the people I hang with to start blogs so we can keep up that way, but none of them are really interested in the thought.

Also, I have always wanted to journal much more (or at all) but writing to my self always seemed redundant to me in a way. When I write like I'm telling someone, it seems much easier to chronicle things that will possibly be interesting or important later on. Like you say---a cool way to look back 10 years down the road.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Harish said...

Ah ! Now I know why I blog.

4:42 PM  

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