Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dead Fishy

Five days after we bought him, Fishy is dead. Some kind of fin rot got to him. Two possibilities - he either had it ever since we bought him or we stressed him out way too much with sudden water quality and temperature changes. Noddy seems to believe it was a combination of both. I would agree with that observation.

The pet store has a seven day return policy but get this: They expect you to bring your receipt and "the deceased fish". Okay, that's just inhuman. I mean the pet stores are inhuman anyway, but for them to expect that you'd bring your pet fish, slam it on the counter and ask for your money back or a new fish in exchange is just pathetically lame. Our fishy got a decent burial in our frontyard. I'm sure the pet store lady would have opened her trash can with her foot lever and dumped the fish in there along with other dead aquatic things. I cannot even believe they have this policy of bringing BACK the dead fish. C'mon!! If you cannot treat it well when it's alive, at least treat it well when it's dead. I wish I could sue. I can't sue. I've got bigger problems to deal with.

Noddy had an emotional farewell on her last day at her current workplace. At least two people cried and Noddy avoided crying so that it wouldn't make others feel bad (which is saying something because she cries easy). Lots of thank you notes and youve-been-great notes from all over the company. Her boss sent a note saying if she ever dislikes her new workplace, she should give him a call - Yay for that !!!. Her resignation was a perfect textbook operation - she got her core points across and did not ruffle any feathers in the upper management. Well executed. She is looking forward to her new workplace starting Monday. The convenience is unbelievable. It takes her ten minutes to get there if she walks car, no nothing. So with the car, she can leave two minutes before she intends to be there. Lucky her.

Current mood: Gloomy
Current state: Transitionary
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Blogger Archana said...

Hey there...thinking about more fishes in the tank?? Sorry about that, sure hope that you've gotten over it
:-( Thanks for the comment in my blog though. I was thinking of changing the template and adding more pictures in my blog since about two days and now, you have influenced me!! I shall change it as soon as possible.

7:32 PM  
Blogger jody said...

Sorry about your fishy. I've buried many a fish myself.

Let Noddy relax and rest all day tomorrow. With the new job starting Monday, she might not get much sleep tomorrow night. At least then she'll be rested. Anxiety is a son of a gun.

Have a happy Sunday :)

7:33 PM  

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