Monday, January 24, 2005

Something Fishy

Me and Noddy had spent the better part of October/November trying to buy a cat. Don't ask why. It was just a phase. By end of November that idea was dropped as not very feasible. We can barely handle ourselves very well, let alone a cat - even though cats demand nothing compared to the amount of needs that dogs have. Anyway, that idea was canned around Thanksgiving.

So ever since then (again don't ask why) , I've been wanting fish. Maybe it's because I thought that if I can't get a cat, I'll get something that a cat would love - fish!! So I've been trying to start small, never had a pet fish before - EVER. Noddy's idea was to buy a clown fish (Nemo style) that costs 30 bucks here. Now, before I plonk down that money on that fish, I would rather start with a three dollar fish and see if I can keep it alive for 60 days. If I can, then I'll think of a fish tank. We also found out that fish like Nemo are salt water fish and need a specially prepared marine environment in the fish tank (the entire kit to prepare a salt water aquarium can be about $250-$300). Nope - not doing that.

So yesterday, I bought myself a male Betta fish. Beautiful dark red and absolutely gorgeous fins especially when it moves quickly and they swish around. It sits in a 1 gallon bowl that is extremely uninteresting right now. I plan on buying some real live plants. I would have bought real live food for it but that would completely gross Noddy out. I'd love to throw in the occasional worm and watch it get devoured because Bettas are completely carnivorous. If you haven't read about Bettas you might want to because they seem to be very different. You cannot put two males together, you cannot put most other fish with Bettas and they have very distinct personality traits (yes, fish have personality traits).

We tried several names for the fish - Irwin, Leo and many more. We ended up with Fishy! How non-creative. Any other name suggestions are welcome. One thing - my fish eats a lot of food. The fish food we bought says we are supposed to feed it 2-3 pellets 2-3 times a day. This guy ate more like 6 pellets at one time. This morning I dumped 5 more pellets in it's bowl and they were probably gone within a few minutes. That also means, Fishy is going to poop a lot ...... a.k.a. I have to clean the bowl very often :-(

More on Fishy to follow....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try putting up a mirror next to the vase and watch Fishy fan out and get into Battle mode - Awesome! My roomates & I tried it so often, my fishy soon got wise and ended up pooh-poohing our pathetic attempts to get him to "do something"!
BTW, Betas live looong, way longer than you might like, so when you get that cat - you already have live food!

Have fun!


9:11 PM  
Blogger Needed said...

I hope you and Fishy stay friends for a long time... ie: no kitty food!!! :)

Watch out for "suicide attempts"!! I had 2 bettas that committed suicide. Turns out that they jump. High. Right out of their bowls. Especially when no one's around to save them.

Just a heads up :)
Have fun with Fishy

9:30 PM  
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