Sunday, January 09, 2005

Three days have been hectic because...

... lots has happened. A brief outline follows.

First of all I stumbled onto a website (via blog crawling) that is just a group of people with a philosophy that they believe in . If you have the patience (i.e. you're not the corporate rat that drinks coffee in the car), read this website - ClueTrain . All chapters are online but you only have to go through the first couple to figure out what this is about. In a sense, yeah their idea is appealing but it's full of assumptions of all sorts. Anyway, more on that later.

Noddy left for Chicago. I dropped her off to the airport where we found out that her 6:36 pm United 719 flight was delayed. Upon enquiring at the extremely efficient ticket counter (over 10 mins per person) with the extremely competant ticketing lady, we received a reply that I quote here - "It might leave at 10 pm, might even leave at 7:30 pm or 8:30 pm." This gave us a very good idea of when exactly her flight was going to leave. I think I'll fill one of their passenger feedback forms to suggest an IQ test before recruiting for those "ticketing lady" positions. On the contrary, this might push the ticketing prices up to cover for the costs of testing....just like the 9/11 security fee that they have tacked on. That fee is a little surprising to me - the security is still the same as it was pre-9/11, yet there's a 9/11 fee added to .....???? Dunno.

Shouldn't passengers get money for 9/11 since we're the ones taking shoes off, disrobing in public and pretty much dismantling our entire luggage for screening before having to put it back together at the other end? I swear, the other side of a security gate looks like a bathroom. Men trying to put their pants together with belts, some putting their socks and shoes back on, women putting their jewelry back on, putting together their emptied out purses ... really we should be charging THEM a fee. Airport experiences have always an inconvenience since I've roamed this planet. Maybe before that, they actually wanted to make passengers comfortable.

We watched The Terminal right before Noddy and I left for the airport. Coincidence? Maybe. The movie was good, in a sense showed the apathy that exists at every major airport. The same mix of people can be found at all major airports anywhere in the world. Senseless minimum wage Immigration and Customs officials, perennial cleaners who put up bright yellow Cuidado signs everywhere and just generally insensitive pricks everywhere. I liked the movie but don't think I'll watch it again. Once was good enough.

Spoke to a friend from NZ on Friday ... she was down but hey that's where I come into play. Some nice genuine heart to heart conversation and she was on her way to peppy-ville. That was quite satisfying. I do want to go to Australia and NZ. We are planning a 2006 trip if anyone's interested. I know of one other couple who wants to go.
By the way, shouldn't we have some guidelines on how cities should be named. Check this one out.

The rest of the blogging world seems quiet. Jody and Puppetainer haven't been blogging as furiously as they usually do. Keep 'em coming please. Rest of you, comments are always appreciated. I'm back to being single for another week now - till this Friday.

Work - here I come !!


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You have a very interesting site. I believe you have seen my dinosaur one. Well e-mail me as soon as you can so if you wanna be blog friends or something

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