Sunday, January 30, 2005

What a lame movie THAT was.....

...but before we get to that, one thing to note. When I visit other people's blogs, I see some that are 8-10 paragraphs long. Frankly, I just skip them. Then it struck me, hey, I've written some that are that long too. Bad idea bloggers!! Do not write a thesis because most people just want a quick "what's going on" kinda thing. So from now on, my posts will NEVER be longer than three paragraphs (decent sized).

So back to the blog title. Noddy, Smita and I went to Udipi Cafe, Cincinnati last night for the awesome dinner that they serve. After over-filling our tanks, we decided to go watch "Meet the Fockers"....heard so much about it. The drive to Dayton was very interesting with all the snow falling and the salt trucks creating a gravel road for me to drive on. Anyway, we got into the 10:30 pm show and the movie was about an hour and a half or so. The movie was (yawn) funny, but it did not have the same kick as Meet the Parents, it's prequel. The humor was actually worse and gross, the guy always messes up whatever he tries to do and really they did not need a story. Nothing concrete happened in the movie - the parents from both sides met, and in the final three minutes, the couple got married. The humor is semi-crass, has a few key punch lines but overall, just a one-time watch.

We're contemplating fish again and Archana's comment has seriously prompted me to consider that. I'll keep you informed on how that goes. Jody, Noddy has sent you her thanks for your comments on her new job.

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Blogger Archana said...

Well...what can I say?? Our blogs look identical now!! Getting those fishes back huh???? I totally agree with the blogging thing..the 'keep it simple and unique technique'.Udupi cafe?? I sure hope that you ate some yum yum dosas there.I havent tasted them since about a month I think!

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