Saturday, February 19, 2005

...and I'm back

After an extremely busy week I'm back to some blogging. Work is going to pick up pace here in a week or two and is going to stay that way all the way through July August.
Trip to India in December. I'm looking forward to that. A friend of mine is getting married in December so that's good timing.
Valentine's day went well. Dinner at Bravo's Italian (thank god for reservations - those who didn't have it had to wait for 1 1/2 hours!!), two small heart shaped cakes one was German Chocolate and the other was Chocolate Brownie, and a gift watch. Noddy loved it all and that was fantastic.
Mischief's birthday is also on Feb 14th. She got mad with me because I was one of the gazillion people who chose to send her a text message first thing in the morning and didn't call until later during the day. So that upset her because she's one of the sentimental sorts.
By the way, Noddy and I went to two animal shelters today to look for cats. While we didn't find any cats that we liked, we did find out that Noddy is allergic to cats !! So this officially marks the end of our pet animal adoption drive. We're not going to be able to have one if Noddy is allergic. She came home with a stuffy nose and irritable eyes - the telltale signs of an allergy.
We had a guinea pig before so that's what we're going to go for again. We really loved our guinea pig "Goblin" .. he was a little monster. Tonight or tomorrow morning- we're going to be off to Meijers to get one of those.
Spunky's doing fine. He briefly stopped eating early on during the week but that may be because he ate like a refugee on Sunday and Monday. I'm sure his stomach was still busy processing all that food. He was back to his greedy self a couple of day ago. I need to change the water in his bowl before he decides to jump out of it for sanitary reasons.
And that wraps up the week's update. Sorry for the long post - it had been a while. Will cut back down to three paragraphs from here on.


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Blogger Archana said...

Good busy week through and looking forward to the trip in December? Its almost...well actually 10 months away!
Where's Spunky by the way?

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