Sunday, February 20, 2005

Female Guinea Pig #2

After we bought Oreo, the pet store was left with just one more guinea pig. That one was a sibling of Oreo and belonged to the same litter. Somewhere I had read that they do well in pairs and there's nothing like pairing two from the same litter. So we went back and bought this one and named her Mars. That's because her hair colors have consistent layers like the chocolate layers in a Mars bar. She's got white, light brown, brown and then dark brown. Hence the name Mars. Mars is very different than Oreo. She is very very scared and scurries around when you try to touch her. We have a feeling she wasn't ready to be weaned off her mother yet but maybe it's a personality thing. She loves to hide and can spend hours sitting next to you hidden in an old t-shirt provided you lump up the t-shirt around her real well. She likes the security and hates to be exposed out in the open. I think Mars will take quite a while to get used to human interaction and the surroundings than Oreo.


Blogger Needed said...

Too cute!!! Definitely looks like you have your hands full... Good luck!

10:18 PM  

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