Thursday, February 10, 2005

Google Employee Blogger Gets Fired !

Google started the whole blogging thing in a big way with Blogspot, didn't it? Or am I smoking?

Google fired an employee who had been there only two weeks, because he posted some information that he shouldn't have. While I think Google has every right to do this, I am of the opinion that a simple but severe reprimand would have served the purpose. A second mistake would then be considered deliberate neglect and firing would be justified. But that's not the case.

Alex, a Microsoft guy mentions this incident on his blog which is where I got it from since I subscribe to his blogfeed. Another guy Jeremy met with Mark Gen, the fired employee and the analysis is over here. Mark Gen's blog is over here. I agree that you need to be careful when posting information about your work and your company. That's why you will not find any company information on this blog except some of my personal rants. You will find nothing about the company's inner workings or financials or meetings or anything. I deem those as inappropriate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should point out it wasn't me that met with Mark, i only!


12:50 PM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

Sorry about that oversight Alex. I have edited the blog

1:19 PM  

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