Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Memorial, A Movie, A new Fish...

Firstly, got a new fish. Blue Betta. Named him Spunky. Again, Noddy picked the name. While we were in PetsMart, there was an entire set of rescued dogs up for adoption and I came "this" close to adopting a year and a half old Siberian Husky mix female. Then it dawned on me as to why I was getting a fish - it's because I need something extremely low maintenance and dogs are the complete opposite of that. So no dog for me.

Secondly, went to a memorial service for a Muslim friend of mine. What is ironic is that death is so real and so in-your-face yet a memorial service is so unreal and so artificial and so fake. They all gathered together to mourn the death of someone....the real death of someone. Yet their purpose was so artificial. They were all busy talking about things that were of better interest to them. Football games, a newer TV, someone's new born nephew, an urgent cell phone call that "had" to be answered while prayer service was going on. It was so fake. Why come to someone's memorial if you don't have the respect or the sentiment. Nobody forces you and frankly the immediate family doesn't care. They are busy grieving their lost one and not counting the attendance sheet. So do me a favor - next time you are obligated to go to someone's memorial service and deep inside you you know that you don't care, just sign the damn comments book at the entrance and leave. Don't insult the dead.

Thirdly, watched The Manchurian Candidate fact it ended a few minutes ago. Nice movie, good theme but will need patience and willingness to go with an extremely unlikely story. If you can live with that and let your imagination ride really far with that of the director, you'll do fine. If not then, like Noddy, you'll be scratching your head going "Huh?? What a stupid waste of time".

Good night my felow blogizens. I miss you folks' company sometimes and hope to meet some of you some day. Hope our paths cross, knowingly or unknowingly.


Blogger Archana said...

Noddy named the fish 'spunky'...wonder why?!
I hate these memorial services where the dead are already forgotten. Some have lost everything and for others life is as normal as it would be, with or without the dead person. Why attend a memorial service when you dont care at all?

10:39 AM  
Blogger book_worm said...

He is a Siamese fighting fish and full of spunk.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which version of Manchurian Candidate did you see? 1962 version (the original) is considered to be a classic, and was way ahead of its time. If you saw 2004 version of this movie (starring Denzel Washington), then I would suggest you to watch the original too!

2:14 PM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

In that case I'm going to rent the oldie. I watched the Denzel Washington version. Thanks for the tip!

9:35 AM  

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