Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Smoking is injurious to .... others' health

Archana's last post had some comments that diverted from the original topic to the topic of smoking. Utkarsh mentioned that smoking occasionally might not be such a bad idea but he's only tried it once so he's on the good-guys team :-).

But in all seriousness, I care two hoots about most smokers. However, there are some principles that I do follow religiously (strange that I used that word knowing I don't believe in religion too much). These are listed below:

1) If you really matter to me, I will tell you that you should stop smoking - whether you like it or not. The reason is, you matter to me therefore your life is precious to me and therefore I shall warn you against anything that is bad for your life. Some smokers find this annoying but I have to be truthful if you truly matter to me - even at the expense of the friendship. I can't lie and be a true friend at the same time. I have to concur with the Surgeon General's words on the pack.

2) You will not smoke near me. In a social environment, either you walk away or I'll walk away. The moment you start smoking, our conversation will cease and desist. I might really like you but I put my health ahead of your ignorance. I'll come and talk to you later whenever it's convenient for you to stop smoking for a bit.

3) If you live in my house (roommate, guest, whatever else), you will smoke outside. I don't care if it's 20 below zero. The house is a complete no-smoking zone and I make the rules on that. I refuse to jeopardize any member, even my pet fish !!

Real simple isn't it? And it's totally non-intrusive. I'll avoid smokers if they don't avoid me. This is a free world, they are free to smoke and I am free to walk away.

The company where I work has strategically placed a "smokers shed" right outside the entrance. This is for the convenience of smokers who need to come outside to smoke since the building is a no-smoking facility. Well that's great but what that also means is anyone entering or exiting the building has to go through the nicotine chamber!! So what I've done is I've started using the far entrance which means it takes me longer to get to my cube but hey, I'd rather take a healthier longer walk than a gas chamber treatment at 8 am.


Blogger Puppetainer said...

Fortunately the smoking area here is around the corner, so we're not required to walk through smoke to get in.

I hate it when I smell like smoke when I come home from bars too.

But I'm an ex-smoker, and we're the worst about that kind of thing.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

No choice for me...I have the "Nicotine treatment" 4 times a day...every entrance is covered by smoke and I hate it!!

5:50 PM  

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