Saturday, February 26, 2005

Week Past, Week Ahead

This was a great week. I had a panic situation at work to deal with before a customer release due out on Monday. I had to finish this by Friday @ 5 pm. Those kinds of deadlines are always fun particularly if you are hard pressed for time. It can get stressful but when you accomplish what you needed to, the feeling is great. That's how things went Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Lots of work to get done and finally wrapping up Friday @ 5:20 pm. A big hee-haw to the project manager who severely doubted my abilities to meet the deadline.

On a much more euphoric note, Smita got accepted to her internship program. She will know the exact location on Monday but boy was this a stressful process for her. Lots of interviews, lots of permutations in order to select the site where she would want to do an internship. Once she finds out where she's going to be on Monday, you will find that info posted here as well.

Other than that, oh yeah, I'm gone to Chicago from Sunday thru Wednesday to the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) for some work related meetings. I have to go back there again next week for two weeks. It's pretty exciting and challenging stuff and will push my limits somewhat. Again, a good thing! I'm going to try and blog from there but might be hard. I don't know about internet connectivity. So the next post might be sometime next Thursday but I'll definitely post something if I can.


Blogger jody said...

hot diggity dog you're coming to my neck of the woods. Chicago is a hop skip and jump from my house. Where ya staying??? I happened to know a few awesome restaurants. Seafood and pizza are a must!!

7:12 PM  
Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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