Friday, March 11, 2005

Never say that again! NEVER !!

New Blog Rule: To keep myself out of trouble I shall not be mentioning work related activities here. I have been hearing more and more about people getting fired from work because they wrote stuff the company did not appreciate. Since most employment terms are "at-will" they can fire you "at-will" !!

Anyway, back to real life. I really appreciate you fellow bloggers reading my blog and trying to perk me up. The support structure helps ... definitely helps. Blogspot seems to be hosed lately. It's hard to publish posts. It's hard to post comments on other people's blogs....things just seem to be wierd on their hosting side lately. Maybe they've been hacked -- who knows.

Visited Noddy's workplace last night after gym. It's really nice. Mine is a pig-sty compared to her clean cube. Maybe that's because she's a woman but I don't think that's it. I have ample opportunities to organize my cube but never get around to it. Also the cubes in my office are dreary ... very dull grey that reminds you how menial you are in the cube world. Speaking of grey I was talking to a lady and she said her grandchild was in pre-school and they were teaching colors. She said, they were trying to teach the color grey and she found it very odd that they would teach a child a color that's not an obvious one. That's like teaching a pre-schooler what the color Magenta is. However, the pessimist that I am, I responded to her by saying, "Hey that's not a bad thing to teach especially since life is going to be of that color for the most part so he better learn to recognize it". She laughed her heart out but almost instantly I realized what an unhappy comment it was. Life is NOT grey. You can make it grey but if you want it to be brightly colored, yeah that's entirely possible. Sure there are some dark moments but it's absolutely ridiculous that I would say something that generalizes an entire lifespan like that. I've been kicking myself ever since then to change my attitude. That kind of attitude is very damaging to .... guess who.... ME! What's even more surprising is that if you meet me, there isn't going to be ONE dull moment. I love to laugh, make others laugh, joke around and basically have a great time. I love to be the life of a party simply because I am always trying to have fun. Then why did I say something like that...that's the part I'm going to work on and think about.



Blogger Archana said...

Maybe sometimes we say things that we dont intend to say.....

10:16 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will never be grey again, if I can help it :)

11:01 PM  

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