Thursday, March 03, 2005

Post Chicago ... here I am

Back from Chicago last night. The trip was awesome. Dennis (my co-worker) and I drove up there on Sunday evening. The drive was quite adventerous and the details are boring so I'll leave it at that. The Hyatt where we stayed in Chicago was a really nice place. Much much better than those bomb-shelter like Holiday Inns around here. We had a great time.

For our meetings, we had to go a few blocks away. On Tuesday morning we got gutsy and decided to walk. That's a bad bad thing to do in Chicago in February. First of all, it was cold as hell. Secondly, it was windy enough that any amount of layered clothing would really not help unless you had 20 layers. The wind just cuts through. Dennis was sure he had lost an ear somewhere on the way while we were walking because he didn't even have a cap on. Me, I was cursing all the way. The meetings themselves were fun. There's a lot I could say here about Microsoft (since that's where we went) but I'd rather not. It's against my company policy to discuss that. I loved going back to Chicago for the big-city charm that Bombay used to have (before it became the big black smoke filled piledump). Walking down the shopping section of downtown was fun except for the windy blistery weather.

Night times were fun. We mostly went to the "Big" bar at the Hyatt. They call it Big because most cocktails there come in extremely large glasses. Apparently, it was a good place for women to pick men up or viceversa or both. There was this lady wanting to dance with everyone and somehow I ended up as the only one on the dance floor with her. So I had one dance with her before I decided that was a bad idea because she seemed desperate. After that I got off the dance floor and declined twice on the next two songs. Thankfully she just picked someone else. Next night, Dennis has this wierd looking woman come and start talking to him even though he was ignoring her. After about 45 minutes of heart to heart conversation she left. Dennis was thankful. She looked really beat up and was a chain smoker - a great put off so it wasn't hard for Dennis to ignore her and want her to go away. But we really laughed about all this crap and made fun of a lot of these morons while we were there.

No pictures sadly! The downtown area is nice and the shopping places are interesting although expensive. Other than that, the trip and the ride home were a whole lot of fun. Dennis has an incredible sense of humor and that is key to going with someone on a trip. Or else you end up bored, uncomfortable and wanting to go back all the time.

Back home now to my family of a lovely wife, two guinea pigs who fight a lot over food and the territorial Betta fish. Ah ... joy !!!


Blogger Archana said...

Somebody had a wonderful time!! I started disliking winters after I came to this part of the world.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Puppetainer said...

Welcome back!

7:52 AM  

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