Monday, March 21, 2005

Traveler's Log - Day 1 March 20th 2005

Dennis and I are on the road again. We drove here to Chicago. We reached here pretty quick and
I won't give out the exact time it took us to get from Dayton to the "Welcome to Chicago" sign.
Suffices to say it was pretty quick and I'll leave it at that. Our hotel we're staying at is very wierd. It's full of rich and snooty people. Everyone looking away from everyone else equates to rich and snooty. The lobby looks great and is very arnately decorated. However, the room is really crappy. Everything is cramped into very little space so you have to jump over your belongings to get from one area to another.

Anyway, after dropping off our stuff at the hotel, we headed to look for dinner places. Our first
stop was Harry Carey's. We were told that there was a 45 minute wait. So Dennis put his name down and we headed off to find a backup. 45 minutes was going to be too much -- we were starving because we didn't stop to eat on our way to Chicago (that's why my earlier comment on getting here REAL quick). A litle way farther was House of the name suggests...dedicate to Blues artists. It was pretty neat but it was so damn dark inside that Dennis had to use my cell phone light to read the menu. The food was crappy...or at least what I ordered was crappy.

Shultz met up with us over there. She had driven an hour from Indiana to get to Chicago...awwww so nice. So we ate at House of Blues and walked back to the hotel. Next task - look for a place to drink a couple of beers. The concierge directed us to a place at the lower level of the hotel called The Big Downtown. Okay now if you go to a bar and you want to sit down, then you sit down. We tried that simplistic idea, however a pony-tailed snooty waiter told us, "Sir did you check at the front desk? Please check at the front desk to be seated!". And he didn't sound happy either. So we did that and then left after a couple of drinks. Shultz hung around for a while and then headed home. Tiring day! Slept at midnight...zzzz


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Interesting how you omitted the part about Dennis & I pulling your leg for most of the evening about the insect was sooo worth the drive!!
Shultz (the soon-to-be-deblogged-from-Sheeshers-blog!)

6:31 PM  
Blogger Archana said...

Loved that previous post.....fantastic one,those words spoke so much...I am here, waiting for the first drop of rain to fall down. I hope it rains before I leave..the feeling is just soo awesome!!

8:53 AM  

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