Monday, April 18, 2005


That's my condition right now. Sneezing away....sniffing away....with watery eyes and a headache to go with it.

It's a blessed feeling to have Noddy by my side. She takes care of me during such times. The warm dinner and the hot tea have definitely helped. I got back early from work because I was sure I would infect some people there. Slept at 6 pm .. got up at 11 pm with a severely dry throat (we've got to buy a humidifier for this house !!). Dinner and tea and some internet surfing so far. Planning on heading back to bed hoping that I don't stay awake all night. I hate colds !!

The lawn is doing good. I can see some grasslings ... my hope is that there's enough of them this time. It's actually too early to tell but we'll keep an eye out. I planned on posting pics but that of course didn't happen. The bad part is that it hasn't rained in almost a week now and this week doesn't look too wet either. So my water bill is skyrocketing because I have to keep the lawn completely wet for the grass to grow. What a price to pay for grass.... I think I"ll throw some weed seeds ... they grow easy.

Alrighty ... me and my box of Kleenex are heading upstairs to bed. Good night :-)


Blogger Archana said...

No life without wife? Get well soon....

6:47 AM  
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