Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back from vacation

Wow that was a really good break. Noddy and I really needed that vacation and it was great and very well worth it. Outer Banks, NC is a great place to go but if we were to do this all over again, we would go in July instead of April. Much warmer at that time of the year. Photos shall be uploaded soon and link will be posted here.

Back to work and 90 emails waiting for me in my InBox. Barely finished catching up right now. So what else has been happening with my fellow bloggers. I noticed quite a bit of posting and need to go read everyone's blog and post comments. It's a give and take - if I expect people to read my blog and comment on it, I need to do the same.

Hey Will ... I promise to post a self-portrait soon. I got something useful during this vacation that I can use and I'll post it. Hey I forgot to mention ... the good thing about going to NC this weekend for a break was that I missed the snow in Ohio. Isn't that just depressing? Snow in the last week of April. Could anything else have been worse for the people here trying to enjoy their weekend? I think I want to support global warming simply because I want the snow to STOP ! I hate it ... period. I don't like it short-term/ long-term/ any term...it just plain sucks.


Blogger Puppetainer said...

Glad to hear your vacation was good. Any suggestions on hotels etc.?

Only two weeks and three days until mine starts, in the meantime, I'm just about to get set up to test... the 5.2 server.

So in the last year and a half I'll have essentially worked for six different managers here.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pix. I'll just vacation vicariously through your pix & narration - I'm soo jealous of anyone going to India or anywhere on holiday right now!
- Synapse

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm .... So you missed the snow here???? Liar Liar ..

12:11 PM  
Blogger Sheeshers said...

Like I said , missing the snow was a GOOD thing. I didn't miss it in a bad sense...I meant that we missed getting dumped on with unwanted white fluffy crap !!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Will said...

I vote for less snow too. Glad you had a great vacation. Wish I could get somewhere as warm as you did. We used to live just north of the Outer Banks. Not too bad even in winter.

7:58 PM  

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